OEN Member NewsMark the Foamy Four with a ‘beer bouquet’ from Craft Brew Bouquet (Portland Business Journal)

It had to happen: A Portland company is offering a way to say, well, anything one would say with flowers, with beer.

The company, called Craft Brew Bouquet, went live with its site on Oct. 20. It allows gift-givers to send a “beer bouquet” anywhere within Portland’s city limits. The “bouquet includes six Oregon ales, a glass, a church key bottle opener and gourmet cheese puffs.

There are two bouquets, one of them a seasonal option.

The Mixed Bouquet includes selections from The Ale Apothecary, pFriem, Occidental, Oakshire, Breakside and Buoy.

Breakside and Buoy, hmmm, now why do those ale purveyors sound so familiar…oh, that’s right, they’re facing off in the PBJ’s Oregon Beer Showdown 2016. And, man, is that race ever close, too close to call, as they say.

In the other bracket, Barley Brown’s Beer and Fort George are contending for a place in the finals.

Foamy Four voting ends midnight on Tuesday (that is, 12 a.m. Tuesday, or the very end of the day Monday which might come an hour later than you might think once you reset your clocks).

Source: www.bizjournals.com

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