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Oregon Angel Food 2020 Application Process


Thanks for your interest in Oregon Angel Food 2020! We are eager to make this program an information-dense, useful tool in building your food or beverage business. We have a host of mentors and experts standing by to support your company, and a pool of angel investors eager to get to know you.

The first step in the application process is to pay the registration fee of $25 for OEN Members, and $35 for Non-Members. In the automated email with your receipt of payment will be a link to the online application to Oregon Angel Food 2020. That application is previewed below so you know what’s involved.

There will be an information session on applying to Oregon Angel Food and using the investor platform Gust on Tuesday, June 23 at noon via Zoom. Register for the session here: https://www.oen.org/calendar-events/oregonaf_apply/ (A recording will be posted to the OregonAF website afterward.)

The OregonAF 2020 application is a “needs-assessment” that will allow organizers and mentors to provide customized feedback and support to your company as part of the program. The application questions are previewed below; please answer all questions to the best of your ability in the online application. Questions with an asterisk are required.



  • Overview / Concept
  • Product
  • Market
  • Goals / Needs
  • Founding Team


Overview / Concept

What is your product name?
(Note the company, but the product. No problem if they are the same.)

Where is your company based?
(Please note city and state. Use founder’s home if the company is not yet incorporated.)

Company website:
(If available.)

Social media handles:
(Include links/handles for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or others as applicable.


What category is your product?*

  • Packaged food item
  • Beverage
  • Prepared food / foodservice offering

Is your product:*

  • Alcoholic?
  • CBD-infused?
  • Neither

What format is your product?*

  • Fresh
  • Frozen
  • Shelf-stable
  • Other

In one line, explain your product:

Why and/or how did you “invent” your product.
(Briefly recap your product’s origin story or inspiration.)

What is your product’s “use case”?*
(When/why/how is it designed to be consumed?)

Please describe the packaging and sizes of your product.*
(Is it offered in a bottle, pouch, plastic container box, can? How many ounces/lbs? If still to be determined, explain your current thinking.)

What is the shelf life of your product?

What varieties/flavors are available?
(Please make note if a variety/flavor is not yet available but planned for the future.)

At what stage of development is your product?*
(Check all that apply; ignore those not relevant to your product.)

  • Commercial recipe developed
  • Shelf life established
  • Nutrition facts analyzed
  • Packaging and labeling finalized
  • Food safety-compliant production process defined
  • Copacker contract signed
  • Distributor contract signed
  • Retail buyers committed
  • Foodservice buyers committed
  • Product currently available for sale (at retail, online, or via distributor)

Which distributors, if any, already carry your product?*
(0 if none.)

Which retailers, if any, already carry your product?*
(0 if none.)

Please list your product’s ingredients.*
(Please note allergens.)

Does your product carry any of the following certifications?*
(Check all that apply.)

  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Salmon Safe
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • None
  • Other

Is your company B-Corp Certified?*

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not yet, but in process


Please describe your target END consumer (eater/drinker).*
(Use whatever descriptors are relevant – gender, age, lifestage, role, identity, etc.)

Who are your key competitors?*

How do you go to market?*
(Check all that apply.)

  • Direct to consumer / e-commerce from your own website/social
  • Direct to consumer / farmers’ markets
  • Local aggregator (e.g. Milk Run)
  • Online retailers (e.g. Thrive Market)
  • Retail grocery stores (e.g. Market of Choice)
  • Specialty / boutique retail (e.g. Tender Loving Empire)
  • Foodservice (e.g. Bon Appetit Management Company)


What do you hope to get out of participating in Oregon Angel Food?*

What specific help does your business need right now?*
(Feel free to list a category – like food safety, production, finance, sales – or explain a specific need.)

Are you currently raising investment capital?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not yet, but will be in the next year

If yes, how much are you trying to raise?
(Specify a dollar amount or range.)


What is (are) your founder(s’) names?*

What is your email address?*
(This is how we’ll contact you regarding next steps.)

Briefly summarize your founder(s)’ past work history, including any past startup experience and background in your product’s category.*
(Just key highlights, please. Don’t forget to include experience in your product category. Bullet points are fine.)

How do you identify with regard to gender?
(Optional. Answer based on the primary founder or point of contact for OregonAF. There will be many opportunities to get to know your full team as we go through the program.)

  • Female
  • Male
  • Non-binary / other

What pronouns do you prefer?
(Optional (but helpful, we’d like to address you respectfully!). Answer based on the primary founder or point of contact for OregonAF.)

  • she/hers
  • he/his
  • they/theirs

How do you identify with respect to race?
(Optional. Your answer will help ensure we meet the needs of applicants from diverse communities. Please answer based on the primary founder or point of contact for OregonAF.)

  • Other POC
  • Indigenous / Native American
  • Asian / Pacific Islander
  • Latinx
  • Black
  • White

Do you need translation support to participate in OregonAF, and if so, in what language?
(We’ll do our best to accomodate!)

  • Yes, in Spanish
  • Yes, in another language
  • No, I’m functionally fluent in English


Thanks for your interest in Oregon Angel Food! You can learn more at https://www.oen.org/oregonaf2020, or email us at info@oen.org.

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