Mission, Vision, and Values


OEN envisions a robust, diverse, and collaborative entrepreneurial economy across Oregon and SW Washington.


We build and strengthen Oregon and Southwest Washington’s early-stage entrepreneurs through the provision of education, guidance, connections, and financial opportunities, to impel increasing economic impact throughout the region.

Core Values

Everyone is invited. 

Committed to building an inclusive culture where entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, races, genders, geographies, and business sectors feel welcome and supported.

People are the network.

Connect the people building startups and launching new ideas to investors, mentors, business partners, media, followers and fans. Seek diverse talents, skills, lived experiences and perspectives to strengthen this community.

Work in and on this community. 

Partner with founders, funders, and folks providing services who share the vision of a vibrant statewide entrepreneurial community. Take delight in this special part of the world in order to see local entrepreneurs thrive.

Embrace change. 

Adapt ideas, the team, the board of directors and the programs to support entrepreneurship and pursue constant feedback, learning opportunities and iterations of OEN’s work.

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