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2023 OEN Entrepreneurship Awards


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⭐ Angel Oregon Life & Biosciences Investment Announced ⭐

AOBIO 2023

“AOBIO has been a tremendous experience, and the ProMedix team was so excited to participate in the process. At each step in this journey, we have been encouraged and bolstered by an incredible array of investors, marketplace experts, and frankly, brand new friends. We are a stronger company as a result,”

—Scott Filer Co-Founder, ProMedix

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OregonAF 2022 Makers: 88% identify as women, 30% as people of color, and about a third are from outside Portland.


The approximate size of the investment that will be made by a collective of 29 individual investors into one OregonAF company.


The number of times you'll get the chance to see such an array of emergent food + beverage products in one place AND watch a local company earn an equity investment in real time.

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