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VertueLab is a key sponsor of OEN! The organization is fighting climate change by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to cleantech startups. Through a decade of work, they have proven that their model can accelerate climate solutions that are key to reversing the climate crisis.

The following is a guest blog post, originally published on www.vertuelab.org

How does VertueLab help solve the climate crisis?

VertueLab is a nonprofit that provides funding and holistic business support to entrepreneurs creating innovations that reduce greenhouse gases, these innovations are called cleantech. Throughout our 12 year history we have helped over 60 startups in the Pacific Northwest and helped those entrepreneurs obtain millions of dollars in follow-on funding. See our impact.

Why is an organization like VertueLab so important?

Every year hundreds of entrepreneurs start businesses that work to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, trying to save the Earth. Unfortunately, investors tend to not invest in these higher-risk companies, resulting in these Earth-saving technologies never seeing the light of day. That’s where we come in. We use philanthropic dollars to fund and support entrepreneurs creating the innovations that will help to solve the climate crisis.

What are these technologies?

Cleantech ranges from alternative energy to consumer products and everything in between. We have supported companies creating EV transportation, a unique whey based spirit that helps fight food waste, and window inserts that help make heating and cooling more efficient. This is just a taste of the companies that we support, you can view them all here.

How does VertueLab channel philanthropic dollars to entrepreneurs?

Through the VertueLab $5M Climate Impact Fund that invests in early stage, clean technology innovations aimed at solving the root causes of climate change and transitioning to a carbon-free economy.


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