Rising StarKen Tomita of Grovemade Embraces the Journey of Entrepreneurship

In the summer of ’09, Grovemade was born. While trying to decipher the language of human experience, Ken Tomita created an industrial design firm that radiates ingenuity and represents the cutting-edge of simplistic design. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Grovemade, but as Ken puts it: you must embrace the journey, learn, and get better.

Read more from founder Ken below:

The problem your product solves: The homepod stand protects your furniture and also elevates the look of the device.

How you came up with the name: We come up with our product names with a very simple process. All of our names are just very straightforward functional descriptions. We will also look at Google Trends data to see what terms are being searched the most on google to help determine what we should call a product. It is a small thing but it can help a lot for search engine optimization down the line.

Your failure story and what you learned: We launched a product last year that was a very durable iPhone case made from rubber and metal and nobody wanted it. We learned that sometimes there are niches that remain niches because there is no demand so moving forward we keep in mind that risk.

As an entrepreneur, what keeps you up at night? The happiness of my team. People are the most important part of any business and the morale that drives a team forward is so elusive and hard to pin down and secure.

Grovemade: https://grovemade.com/

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