Rising StarMeet the Creators of Sound Huggle, the World’s Coziest Headphones

It’s that time of year again. The temperatures are dropping, the wind is getting stronger, and your extremities are longing for summer. But OEN member Sound Huggle has good news for you, and your ears. Its wireless headphone earmuffs promise to keep those lobes cozy so you can listen to music and take calls without sacrificing your sense of style.

Learn more from founders Jason Yeh and Samantha Tran:

The spark that inspired the birth of your concept: We both lived in cold cities, Chicago and New York City, and suffered from not having a convenient way to listen to music and stay warm at the same time during our cold commute. Also, Jason’s experience in Los Angeles and Hong Kong as a professional DJ over the last decade, and his deep experience in sound mixing and acoustics, helped inform Sound Huggle’s sound design. The headphones acoustically deliver crisp vocals, warm mids, and clean bass without distortion at high volume.

The problem it solves: Stay warm + enjoy your tunes wirelessly without tangled cords or cold ears.

How you came up with the name: Huggle = “a hug and snuggle for your ears”

How you differentiate from your competition: Sound Huggle has six defining qualities that set us apart from other headphone solutions on the market: warmth and cold protection, wireless listening and talking, hi-fi sound, easy collapsibility, durability in sub-zero temperatures, and a unique knit minimalist design.

How you make money: Our Indiegogo campaign is now live at igg.me/at/soundhuggle

The best thing about being an entrepreneur: You can work 18 hours a day and still feel you have more to give!

The biggest surprise in your entrepreneurial experience to date: Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign takes a tribe. We don’t recommend moonlighting, doing this on the side, or doing this solo.

Your biggest success: We’ve had some decent press coverage in outlets like Digital Trends, Home Business, Yahoo! News, Willamette Week, and Fleekist.

What keeps you up at night: The thought…”will this work out?” plagues us everyday

The best entrepreneurial advice you have received: Take it one thing at a time. Focusing on everything that you need to do all at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

Your #1 piece of advice for a budding entrepreneur: Get mentors, and follow in the footsteps of success.

The #1 book you would recommend for a budding entrepreneur: The E-Myth. You’ll learn about process and operations, which is what most people ignore.

The song that best describes your entrepreneurial journey: Rick Ross – Everyday I’m Hustlin

What wild success looks like: There’s always a trade-off between success and time. Something wildly successful would look like being able to have the space for R&R, while keeping a venture going.

Your favorite local business: Hat Yai Thai restaurant because it’s the best Thai street food in town, and we go there to eat at least once a week.

The benefits of building a business in Oregon: We love the entrepreneurial community in Portland. While the community is small, it’s based off of nurturing and supporting each other on each other’s journey. It’s personable and built on trust.

Parting thoughts: Sound Huggle – The World’s Coziest Headphones is now live on Indiegogo, and we’d love the OEN community’s support: igg.me/at/soundhuggle

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