Inspiration & AdviceThe True Story of an Entrepreneur Who Lost it All

For Mindee Hardin, inventor of Boogie Wipes, the future looked bright. Her product was in several national chains, she had clinched a $1 million investment, and her company was on the brink of an exit.

Then, she got fired from the company that she had helped build. When the company sold shortly thereafter, she lost out on her seven-figure cut. She had to file for bankruptcy and foreclose on her house. Her car was repossessed and towed out of the driveway in front of her.

Oh, and did we mention she was going through a divorce?

So, what happened? Find out in this riveting story from OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit 2016:

6 comments on “The True Story of an Entrepreneur Who Lost it All

  1. Life is a balancing act. It brings with it a lot of voices, many screaming for attention. If you want attention in a noisy room, lower your voice; people will lean in to listen. The same can be said about those in your own head. You have to be prepared to hear the one in the corner, whispering for attention.

    Thank you for this. So much affirmation in a nice, neat package.

  2. Wonderful! What’s she’s saying is ‘be conscious and aware’ did the ‘treasures in my heart match up with the time I spent’.!

  3. Thank you for the bittersweet story and words of caution. As a lawyer, it pains me to hear how painful it was for you to hire a lawyer. I hope the next time you need to hire one, it’s so that you can accomplish or protect something good in your life!

  4. What an incredibly inspiring story. Good for you, Mindee. As a “mompreneur” juggling start up life with a growing family, I absolutely appreciate your message.

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