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COUNTRY Financial is dedicated to providing protection and risk management for small businesses.  A.M. Best A+ rated for nearly 80 years, COUNTRY has over 90 years’ experience working with clients, demonstrating our financial solvency and stability.  Additionally, we consistently enjoy high customer satisfaction ratings, making us the insurer of choice for small businesses.  We have a wealth of experts to support our representatives, such as our claims and underwriting experts. Our commercial client base is diverse and includes a variety of trades such as professional services, contracted services, retail and food services, and auto services.  COUNTRY Financial representatives understand that businesses have a wide spectrum of needs that should be carefully considered on an individual basis and are able to expertly communicate with their clients to identify and understand those needs. Additionally, our rates are outstanding and frequently beat out the competitor’s rates. 

COUNTRY Financial’s business policy holders experience concierge-level service from the very beginning.  We start with a free, confidential assessment of the clients’ current coverage compared with the business’s needs to determine if the business owner has any exposed risks.  There are many frequently overlooked and misunderstood coverages, such as Business Personal Property, employment related coverages such as benefits and Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), and Data Protection.  EPLI products prevent our clients from losing their businesses due to errors involving employees, for example wrongful termination, discrimination, and wrongful infliction of emotional distress.  A business cyber liability can occur via theft, accidental release, or accidental publication of data.  Our Data Protection products prevent these losses from compromising your business.  Another potential coverage gap is Business Income Coverage.  Our Comprehensive Physical Damage and Collision Damage can be extended to include business interruption with a scheduled limit. Lastly, Workman’s Comp is an often-overlooked need.  COUNTRY Clients have access to a 24/7 hotline for employees to call immediately following a workplace injury.  Our agents have a full grasp of small business needs and have the products with which to address them.  Ultimately, we customize a policy to cover all potential risks for the client, paying special attention to these often-overlooked needs.  

Different businesses have different needs, which is why COUNTRY Financial has a wealth of different policies and endorsements for different types of businesses, and our agents have knowledge of what focus different businesses need. For example, restaurants can be subject to losses due to utility interruptions—we have coverage for that, including business income coverage and specifically a Utility Interruption Time Element coverage.  Restaurants can benefit from our Spoilage and Food Contamination coverages. We understand that businesses like medical and dental practices need significantly higher Business Personal Property coverage, and we ensure that they get that extra coverage.  A contractor, for example, will benefit from our Tools and Equipment Installation floater.  Lastly, for Auto businesses, we write Garage Keeper’s at “Direct Primary”, allowing us to pay regardless of fault.  Country Financial has the special coverage that your business needs!

Small business owners experience several pivotal moments, beginning with the launch of their business. COUNTRY can help clients confidently make important decisions during these moments:

  • Hiring their first employee
  • Expanding their business by offering new services or products
  • Moving into an office, outside of their home
  • Increasing profits and growing their client base

Agents provide semiannual reviews of their business clients’ coverages as the business climate is constantly in flux, and business owner’s needs can change with frequency as they introduce new products, increase revenue, hire new employees, and expand into new business areas.  COUNTRY Financial agents have the technology and tools to ensure that these meetings are held as frequently as necessary, and they have a genuine desire to help small business owners invest in their own security so clients can enjoy success and stability.  Additionally, Client Annual Reviews ensure a full annual review of every aspect of the client’s business occurs to prevent risks being uncovered.

At COUNTRY Financial, the Claims Unit supports clients during challenging loss experiences in a timely and professional manner.  Our claims representatives are trained to evaluate claims carefully and ensure that business owners receive the maximum amount possible for their claim as quickly as possible.  We are continuously improving the Claims client experience, ensuring we pay what we owe, ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness though managing expenses and maintaining effective procedures, and by supporting and developing our employees.  We consistently deliver the best claims experience of all major insurers.  

Small businesses also need to plan for their retirement or other financial goals, which can be complex with business ownership.  COUNTRY Financial offers a variety of products to support investment and retirement goals, and skilled financial planning services so clients can build a plan with the products that meet their needs.  We help our clients navigate the treacherous waters of financial planning to safeguard both business and personal financial stability for years to come. 

COUNTRY Financial’s commercial rates are extremely competitive.  Our rates frequently beat the competition’s rates even with enhanced coverage.  Our representatives have the products and knowledge to provide outstanding coverage and service.  In the event that there is a risk that we cannot write, we have a brokerage relationship that allows us to provide outstanding service on those risks as well, helping the client maintain all policies within one secure home base—COUNTRY Financial.  

COUNTRY Financial values diversity, excellence, and accountability.  Our commercial insurance expertise and outstanding rates make COUNTRY the right place to place your trust.  

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