Rising Star5 Things Punk Rock Taught Me About Being an Entrepreneur

How has Jenelle Isaacson’s former career as a punk rocker helped her to start and scale a thriving real estate business?

Being the lead singer and guitar player in a female punk band taught her five key lessons, which came in handy when she decided to start a real estate company in the middle of a recession.

  1. I can rock anything in high heels.
  2. When you get up on stage, people might throw things at your head. But when you’re on stage and they’re not, they’re just haters.
  3. Technical proficiency is overrated.
  4. You have to be willing to fail, willing to make people angry, willing to fight.
  5. When I’m real and authentic, I’m at my best.

The founder of Living Room Realty shared her story of true grit at OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit 2016. See her full story here:

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