OtherDesigned in Oregon, Inspired by Oregon: Your 2014 Startup Apparel Gift Guide

Whether via bike lanes or bacon ice cream, Portland is already setting national trends, and fashion is no exception. Our unique climate, rugged outdoor options, and idiosyncratic personalities require fashion options that are stylish but practical, tried-and-true but one-of-a-kind.

This holiday season, let’s support the local creative geniuses who are adding beauty, form, and function to our downtown and wilderness excursions alike.

Designed in Oregon, inspired by Oregon, and in many cases, handcrafted in Oregon — here are our apparel, accessory, and gear picks for your 2014 Startup Apparel Gift Guide.

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Where Function Meets Fashion

Nau Homeschool


Style, performance, and sustainability are the hallmark features of Nau jackets and clothing. Whether you’re exploring Mt. Hood or downtown Portland, Nau will protect your sense of style while protecting you from the elements and protecting the environment. That’s a perfect trifecta of protection.

Homeschool Outerwear

Want the best outerwear available? Homeschool promises to deliver just that. If you’re a serious snowboarder or outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure in the “gnarliest conditions imaginable,” Homeschool has a jacket for you.  

Its Only Love Athletic Wear Quick Study

It’s Only Love Athletic Wear

Whether you’re a marathoner or weekend jogger, being active requires keeping a positive mindset. It’s Only Love Athletic Wear takes that positivity and multiplies it by donating a portion of their proceeds to a scholarship fund for single women with children. So you can feel good all around.

Quick Study

Let’s face it – most biking apparel is downright goofy. Sure, it’s functional, but between the helmet and the spandex, it’s hard to fathom biking anywhere that requires looking presentable. Quick Study has a solution for you: stylish, functional, sweat-wicking dresses that will make you feel like you’re biking down the runway.

Summer Skin Wild

Summer Skin

Want to protect your skin without announcing to the world that you’re wearing sun-protective clothing? For those occasions in Portland when the sun actually shines, SummerSkin will help you fill the fashion gap between frumpy and sporty.

WILD Outdoor Apparel

WILD Outdoor Apparel describes itself as a “mountain to bar” company. Protect your individuality with these limited-edition jackets that feel equally at home atop a wind-swept peak and a leather bar stool.


Oregon-Inspired Everyday Chic

Bridge and Burn Hovden

Bridge & Burn

Few other apparel outlets are more quintessentially Portland than Bridge & Burn, which takes the city’s laid-back but quixotic reputation and translates it into clothing. For shirts, pants, and jackets that are utilitarian, versatile, and quietly distinct, look no further.

Hovden Formal Farmwear

Fashion inspired by farmers? Yup, Hovden Formal Farmwear has taken the 150-year-old Scandinavian work shirt and adapted it for the “modern” lifestyle. We assume that means more latte sipping and less farmwork. Hovden shirts are extremely comfortable for doing either.

Rogue Minx Katie Guinn

Rogue Minx

Ladies, are you a rogue or a minx? Either way, Rogue: Minx has you covered. Whether you prefer flirty or rough-and-tumble, you are guaranteed to find something here that is daring, spicy, and utterly unique.

Katie Guinn

Bring in ‘da Funk: Katie Guinn specializes in “ethical clothing for righteous babes,” which combines new and vintage fabrics for a look that can only be described as Funk Yeah.


The Finishing Touch

Findlay Grovemade

Findlay Hats

Those fierce Oregon winds have claimed their share of hats, but not a Findlay hat. That’s because Findlay hats are designed to stay on your head “through anything.” If you’re looking for stylish hats that will fend off rain, sun, and wind, these babies are for you. Go ahead, put their claim to the test!


Grovemade offers a lot more than watches, but their products all have three things in common – they are gorgeous, handcrafted, and made of wood. Whether you’re on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind watch, phone case, or mouse pad, you’ll find it here.

Eyewear Design Alliance Society43 Ducks Sunglasses

Eyewear Design Alliance

Prefer your eyewear frames in steel gray? Or flaming red with polka dots? Founded by an optician who was fed up with being squeezed by the big chains and the internet optical companies that controlled the market, the Eyewear Design Alliance truly lets you choose your own style.


Your Ducks fan friends have the hats, the shirts, the foam fingers. But are they rocking their Ducks sunglasses? Society43 co-founder Jason Bolt was inspired by the enthusiasm of Ducks fans, but found their accessories lacking. He now completes the wardrobes of college and pro sports fans across the country.


Groovy Gear

Cilo Gear Truce


Whether you’re biking to work or hitting the slopes, CiloGear has a bag for you. Its award-winning packs,produced on demand, are summed up by enthusiastic customers with one word: Perfection. Well, it’s hard to beat perfection.


Want to help design your dream bag? Truce encourages its customers to visit their shop and pick out their materials in person. Whatever materials you choose, they will be reclaimed and high performance for a unique backpack, duffle, or tote bag crafted just for you.

North St Bags Yana Surf

North St. Bags

Want a bike bag that lasts a lifetime? North St. Bags has transformed at least one satisfied customer from a “cranky” to “carefree” bike commuter. Stylishly crafted to anticipate bikers’ diverse needs, here’s a bag that will make you itch to get out pedaling – rain be damned.

Yana Surf

If you’re a serious surfer, your board is part of your wardrobe, and you need one that reflects your own sense of style. Yana Surf starts you off a unique balsa wood board and lets you customize the board design, artwork, fins, and glassing options. The end product is guaranteed to be durable, beautiful, and have you written all over it.

XO Bruno Portland Apron Company

XO Bruno

We all have lots of bags in our lives, from purses to gym bags to totes. But how many of these bags are also pieces of art? XO Bruno handcrafts such heartbreakingly beautiful bags, you just might be inspired to redesign your wardrobe around them.

Portland Apron Company

For a home cook, a quality apron is essential kitchen gear. You need some big pockets and a place to wipe your hands, but you’d rather not feel frumpy. Portland Apron Company offers flattering and durable handmade aprons that can help you feel good-lookin’ while cookin’.


What would you add to this list?

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