Inspiration & AdviceYour Guide to Peak Performance: Speaker Spotlight on Greg Bell of Water The Bamboo

Greg Bell, Founder of Water The Bamboo
Greg Bell, Founder of Water The Bamboo Center for Leadership.

Did you know? Giant timber bamboo will grow an astonishing 90 feet in less than 60 days – but only after 4-7 years does it establish strong and resilient roots.

That’s why nationally recognized thought leader Greg Bell advises entrepreneurs and business leaders to “water your bamboo.”

Greg learned the virtues of discipline and hard work from his grandfather, a Texas farmer. He was the first in his family to graduate from college; he played basketball at the University of Oregon where he was twice named Inspirational Player of the Year.

After receiving a political science and law degree from the University of Oregon, he practiced law within a large organization, but personal events inspired him to re-evaluate his life and priorities. He helped launch the Coaches vs. Cancer campaign for the National Association of Basketball Coaches—a non-profit that has raised over 50 million dollars for cancer research.

Now, as author of Water The Bamboo®: Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals and founder of the Water The Bamboo Center for Leadership, Greg has encouraged and inspired thousands of leaders and teams. We asked him to design a course for aspiring entrepreneurs, the course he wishes he’d taken in school. Here’s what he came up with:

Greg Bell will be sharing his story on June 6 at OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit: The School of Hard Knocks. (Learn more.)


Water Your Bamboo: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Peak Performance

Key lesson students will take away:

    1. Take risk and learn how to effectively handle rejection.
    2. Always be looking and learning.
    3. Remember, every journey ends at home.

Key skill the course will develop:

    1. Listening
    2. Selling
    3. Presenting
    4. Writing

Reading List:

Assignments & Projects: 

    1. Develop a viable product or service and sell it in less than 90 days.
    2. Work as a sales person on a used car lot.
    3. Take a one-week silent retreat alone to contemplate your big goals and dreams.

Class Field Trips:

    • The dump – be a witness to the waste.
    • Hiking – be a witness to nature.
    • New York City – be a witness to the pace.

OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit 2014: The School of Hard Knocks

Get schooled at The Kennedy School on June 6, where Greg Bell and 14 other successful entrepreneurs will share their stories. OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit: The School of Hard Knocks offers you a chance to learn their stories and the real-life lessons that they didn’t learn in school. 


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