OtherTrust Yourself: Speaker Spotlight on Lindsey Hammond Charlet of HUB Collective

Lindsey Hammond Charlet, CEO of HUB Collective
Lindsey Hammond Charlet, CEO and Founder of HUB Collective.

Lindsey Hammond Charlet is serious about branding, and she’s also serious about cookies. That’s why she founded the HUB Collective, a graphic design studio with a focus on brand cohesion.

HUB Collective believes that every element of a company’s communications should play nicely together. That means spending some real time getting to know its clients—which is where the cookies come in.

Lindsey is a native to Portland, a graduate from PNCA, a Second Story and Nike alum.

Lindsey Hammond Charlet will be sharing her story on June 6 at OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit: The School of Hard Knocks. (Learn more.)

We asked her to design a course for aspiring entrepreneurs, the course she wishes she’d taken in school. Here’s what she came up with:

Trust Yourself

Key lesson students will take away:

    1. Stop trying to see around the corner. You will never be able to predict what is going to happen next or if something will work out the way you fear or hope.
    2. Do your very best work and let go of the results.
    3. Surround yourself with experts, trusted advisers, and people who share your vision/passion.

Key skill the course will develop:

    1. Communication
    2. Team building
    3. Understanding your finances

Reading List:

    1. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
    2. Better, Smarter, Richer by Jackie B. Peterson, Julie A. Fast and Emanuel Sferios
    3. The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Assignments & Projects: 

    1. Daily meditation, 15-30 minutes
    2. Daily journal, 5 minutes
    3. Daily physical exercise, 20-30 minutes
    4. Complete Better, Smarter, Richer workbook and report back weekly to the class
    5. Two presentations to the class. The first, to define and share your mission, vision, values and how your got there. The second, during the last week of class, to talk about the direction you are aiming to take your company.

Class Field Trip:

Cloud Mountain: two-day silent meditation retreat.

OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit 2014: The School of Hard Knocks

Get schooled at The Kennedy School on June 6, where Lindsey Hammond Charlet and 15 other successful entrepreneurs will share their stories. OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit: The School of Hard Knocks offers you a chance to learn their stories and the real-life lessons that they didn’t learn in school. 


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