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Rational Unicorn Legal Servicesis a community law firm that offers business and non-profit law in Washington, Oregon and California, and intellectual property law nationwide. We are passionate about community values and provide legal services that are affordable and accessible.

Part of our mission is hosting educational events that empower the small business and nonprofit community members of Oregon. We believe that business has the power to do good and that thoughtful leadership leads to more impactful businesses. If we all collaborate and come together as a community, then we can all become “better at business together”. 

We are hosting a community focused business summit for new or emerging small businesses owners, artists/entertainers, and nonprofit founders/board members who are looking for networking, resource, and growth opportunities. It’s a weekend full of endless possibilities that will educate, inspire, and empower. 

If you’ve ever been to a business conference before, you know that they can be outdated, corporate, and profit-focused. We are re-imagining the conference model to create an all-encompassing business conference that is community focused, experiential and connective. 

The Better at Business Together Summit takes place April 26-28, 2024 at The Factor Building in SE Portland. 

“I am amazed at you wonderful people who put together a nice cup of curriculum for me that is honestly wonderful and current thank you!”-Portland small business owner

Programming will include: 

-Inspire talks 

-Repeating sessions so that attendees won’t miss the sessions they want to see most

-Music and food trucks

-Experiential trade show


Session topics include:

-Time management & life balance

-Creating a Business For Good

-Crafting your message

-Finances, cash flow, and budgeting

-Online selling platforms

-Website design and SEO strategy

-Small business funding routes like investors, loans, & more

-Commercial real estate: lease agreements, commercial kitchens

-And more resources & support for your venture!



Learn more about the Better at Business Together Summit



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