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Missed our Angel Food Conference Info Session on April 3? We’ve assembled this new (and growing) collection of Conference resources right here on one convenient page:

  • The full video of the Info Session, recorded during the event’s live webcast
  • Information sheets for all: Concept Stage, Startup/Developing Stage, and Investor
  • Slides from both presenters’ talks


Information Session: Angel Food Conference 2019


Information Sheets

Got a great idea? You’ll want to take a look at the Concept Stage document below. Ready to scale? The Startup/Developing Stage information is for you. Interested in becoming part of our Investment team? You’ll find all the details on the Investor document.


Presentation Slides

The slides from Maggie Finnerty, OEN’s President and Executive Director, will guide you through the basics of the Angel Food Conference: what it is, who it’s for, why it’s such a great opportunity, and more.

Ready to apply on Gust? Stew Yaguda, OEN’s Chair, Investment Recruitment, has prepared a set of slides to give you a detailed look at this process, and help you submit your application with confidence!


Apply to Pitch Now!

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