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Two years ago we set out to design a belt in our signature aesthetic and material palette. We wanted to push towards total simplicity, an efficient marriage of form and function, while still creating a durable, genre pushing design. We’re proud to present the Minimalist Belt, the fruit of our design labor. Our first batch is available for order today — we’re only releasing 5 in each style and size.

Our early design explorations lead us to the Conway buckle, which was originally used in horse saddles, and dates back over 100 years. We appreciated the simple functionality and the lack of visual clutter – the sizing holes are located on the inner leaflet of the belt and are hidden from view when in use. Functionally, we’ve improved on the Conway design by moving the post towards the edge of the buckle, making it easier to take on and off.

Using this style enabled us to make the belt out of two independent components: a solid stainless steel buckle, and a 10 oz, vegetable-tanned English Bridle Leather strap. There are no rivets to fail, and no stitches or moving parts to wear out, making it virtually indestructible.

With minimalist products the importance of details is magnified and proportions must be just right. The design journey becomes a test of endurance. We iterated over and over to find the best angles and shapes to incorporate into the buckle.

We achieved a simple buckle that draws on many of the forms in the Grovemade product collection. It carries the clean lines of our EDC collection and achieves impressive durability through the investment casting process.

Ultimately, a belt is a tool with a specific task. We’ve created a timeless design that you can wear for any occasion knowing that it is a belt refined to its essence.

Source: grovemade.com

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