Inspiration & AdviceWhy a Co-Founder is a Bad Idea – 10 Tips from Showers Pass CEO Kyle Ranson

Kyle Ranson, CEO of Showers Pass, almost lost the company over a falling out with a business partner. Drawing from his varied experience, from his first out-of-college job to serving as CEO of InFocus, Kyle offers 10 lessons he’s learned the hard way:

  1. You’re as good as the experience you can glean
  2. It’s not always the sexy products that keep the lights on
  3. A little chaos is ok. In fact, if there’s no chaos, you’re probably not pushing the envelope.
  4. Culture is critical to success—lead by example. If the toilets need cleaning, get in there and clean the toilets.
  5. More is not always better.
  6. A healthy ego is a must, but don’t let your ego make the business decisions for you
  7. Don’t surrender hard-earned profits on frivolous activities
  8. You can never be too successful to reinvent yourself.
  9. Don’t get into a 50-50 partnership.
  10. Without a team, you do not have a business.

Watch the full story from OEN’s 2016 Entrepreneurial Summit.

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