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What goes into a winning pitch?

Obviously, getting investor dollars depends on a lot more than the pitch itself. That said, being able to concisely articulate what your core problem is, how you’re solving it in a new or better way, and why your team is uniquely qualified is an essential first step toward catching an investor’s eye.

SpaceView, Inc. won OEN’s Spring 2015 Angel Oregon Investment Program Award of $240,000; founder Milos Jovanovic presented his pitch at our Angel Oregon 2015 Showcase. Join us for our OEN Angel Oregon 2016 Showcase on Wednesday, April 13 at The Gerding Theater to see our 2016 finalists live and to find out who will win this year’s Award!

Also see the pitches from our finalists, BuddyUp and MotioSens:

See more highlights from OEN’s Spring 2015 Angel Oregon Showcase.

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