Inspiration & AdviceThe Dream of the Startup is Alive in Oregon

The dream of the 90s might be alive in Portland, but so is the dream of the startup… in Portland and beyond. It’s not all tech, either. It’s booze, vegan cheese, clothing for tomboys, and a whole lot of badass female CEOs.

This video premiered at the OEN 2015 Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards. If you missed it, or if you want to relive the magic, here’s your chance. Watch, laugh, then spread the word at #OregonDreams.

Video by Illustrious Productions

  • Director, Editor – Chris Buchal
  • Concept, Producer, Writer – Emma Mcilroy
  • Photography – Harrison Howes
  • Music – Adam Green-Halley

This video was produced with generous support from Cloudability.


Mat Ellis, Cloudability
Emma Mcilroy, Wildfang
Luke Kanies, Puppet Labs
Rick Turoczy, PIE
Paul Culp, Supergenius Studios
Yori Kvitchko
Ryan Fink, OntheGo Platforms
Chris Teso, Chirpify
Patrick Ezell, Copious
JR Storment, Cloudability
Blake Anderson, Coolest
Kim Malek, Salt & Straw
Ken Tomita, Grovemade
Justin Yuen, FMYI
Jessica Hilbert, Red Duck Foods
Shannon Oliver, Red Duck Foods
Karen Bonner, Red Duck Foods
Neha Patel, Masala Pop
Kelley Roy, ADX
Paige Buckner, ClientJoy

Paola Moretto, Nouvola
Anna Marie Cooper, Rogue:Minx
Heidi Lovig, Heidi Ho
Jill Nelson, Ruby Receptionists
David Nelsen
Sam Blackman, Elemental Technologies
Fritz Brumder, Brandlive
Sadie Lincoln, Barre3
Franklin Jones, B-line Sustainable Urban Delivery
Ryan Hoppes, Cinder
Sandy Shotwell, DesignMedix
Liz Bohannon, Sseko Designs
Molly Lindquist, Consano
Brian Flick , Pitch Dark Chocolate
Ryan Csanky, Aria Gin
Ted Pappas, Big Bottom Distilling
Daniel Clancy, Homeschool Outerwear
James Pritchett, Morebots

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