Inspiration & AdviceIf You Were Stranded on a Desert Island, Which Entrepreneur Would You Want There With You?

Which entrepreneur would you want to be stranded on a desert island with and why?In his hit movie Castaway, Tom Hanks’ only desert island companion was his volleyball Wilson.

All entrepreneurs have a “Wilson” – something they cling to that helps them navigate the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. At our upcoming June 5 Entrepreneurial Summit, you’ll hear Wilson stories from 13 successful Oregon entrepreneurs.

But taking our desert island scenario one step further, what if you were so lucky to be stranded with another entrepreneur?

We asked some of our Summit speakers who they would choose. Two votes for Richard Branson, two votes for Elon Musk… see why and what other names were mentioned:

Brianne Mees of Tender Loving Empire will share her story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitBrianne Mees, Tender Loving Empire

“Kim Malek of Salt & Straw. I had the privilege of having her visit my small business mentorship group last year and was so inspired by her presentation on keeping culture and core values alive through rapid growth. It is so valuable to to see other entrepreneurs be successful ethically, responsibly and with so much heart.”


Trevor Mauch of Carrot will share his story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitTrevor Mauch, Carrot

“Richard Branson because I admire the heck out of his ability to really focus on what he’s insanely great at… then to find great people to turn his ideas into reality… and then do it over and over and over again in company after company while making it fun and fresh for 30+ years.”


Ken Tomita of Grovemade will share his story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitKen Tomita, Grovemade

“I would want to be stranded with someone I am friends with. Trust is so much more important than talent over the long haul if you are stuck with someone.”


Carrie Atkinson of Sock it to Me will share her story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitCarrie Atkinson, Sock It To Me

“Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanks because she is the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. No more explanation is really needed.”


Jason Bolt of Society43 and Revant will share his story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitJason Bolt, Society43 and Revant

“Elon Musk, because he is the quintessential entrepreneur that embodies boldness, persistence and vision. He is also a real life Iron Man… according to the Director of Iron Man, Jon Favreau, who said he was the inspiration for the most recent movies. Needless to say, but he would be very interesting to chat with on the island and if he truly is Iron Man, as many speculate, he could eventually fly us out of there.”


Sarah Pool of Pacific Superfood Snacks will share her story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitSarah Pool, Pacific Superfood Snacks

“Richard Branson: he a business wizard that would know how to create Necker Island out of a desert island — in no time, we would have a fleet of Desert Island automobiles, villas, and thrills.”


Shannon Hulbert of Redbridge will share her story at the OEN 2015 Entrepreneurial SummitShannon Hulbert, Redbridge

“Without a doubt, Elon Musk. He’s brilliant and passionate about energy, tech, and cars as well – I think we might have some great discussions. Plus, in interviews, he seems laid back and likeable, and… he’s got his own rocket so we could probably jet to the moon or something.”


Want to hear more from these inspiring entrepreneurs? Don’t miss out on our June 5 Entrepreneurial Summit: What’s Your Wilson? » See the full speaker lineup and nab your seat!

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