OEN NewsSpaceView Captures First Prize in OEN’s Spring 2015 Angel Oregon Investment Program

Milos Jovanovic, CEO and Founder, of SpaceView presents his investment prize of $240,000.
Milos Jovanovic, CEO and Founder of SpaceView accepts his investment prize of $240,000.

SpaceView, Inc. was selected as the winner of OEN’s Angel Oregon Spring 2015 Investment Program, announced today at OEN’s Angel Oregon Showcase. SpaceView will receive an investment of $240,000.

SpaceView aims to do for product design what Instagram did for photos. Its technology offers an “augmented reality” experience, enabling salespeople to take a photo of a client’s space and virtually place products so they can show a client what it looks like in their room.

Says CEO and founder Milos Jovanovic, “Our long-term vision is to create a platform for displaying 3D content across all hardware devices.”

The other two finalists in the running were BuddyUp – a social network that enables students to find study buddies, coordinate study groups and network on campus – and MotioSens, Inc.- a company that has developed patented technology to unobtrusively monitor the activity and health of seniors living alone.

OEN’s Angel Oregon has been a key element in the funding and development of seed stage companies in Oregon since 2005 when the first investment award was presented.

From a record 61 applications, SpaceView survived five rounds of judging by our 2015 investor group. Through a series of pitches and reviews, participating companies received coaching and mentorship from the investors. Meanwhile, the investors received training in making investments.

About OEN’s Angel Oregon Program

Since 2005, 612 companies have applied to compete for OEN’s Angel Oregon Investment Award and 89 were selected to present. From 2005 to 2014, $3 million has been directly invested through OEN’s Angel Oregon LLC Investment Award and there have been four favorable exits. Additional investment has been made outside of the LLCs, and Angel Oregon finalist companies have created more than 740 jobs. Past winners include Nouvola, brandlive, Wild Friends Foods, Chez Marie, OpenSesame, and DesignMedix.



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