Other5 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Year’s OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

Lisa Sedlar, Green Zebra GroceryThis post is brought to you by Lisa Sedlar, Founder & CEO of Green Zebra Grocery, and emcee of this year’s OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards. Take it away, Lisa!

When I was asked to emcee this year’s OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, my first thought was, wow, what a great opportunity to talk about Green Zebra Grocery in front of hundreds of investors and business leaders help celebrate Oregon’s spirit of entrepreneurship!

If you haven’t bought a ticket or table for the event, now is the time. And in case you are on the fence about attending this most important entrepreneurial gala, I’d like to reassure you that this won’t be another long, boring, rubber-chicken awards dinner.

Oh wait, I just got word, we will be serving chicken. Well… it won’t be boring.

And if that’s not motivation enough, here are a few more reasons to attend this year’s OEN awards:

    1. You’ll enjoy FREE signature cocktails from Bull Run Distillers and Wild Roots Vodka. Enough said.
    2. You’ve all seen the Blazer Girls with their T-shirt launchers. Well, we are featuring COMPANY launchers, and that’s a whole lot better than a T-shirt!
    3. Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability and last year’s Entrepreneurial Achievement winner, will be there to present this year’s award. He’s the OEN equivalent of a Blazer Girl. He’ll also unlock secret of how clouds can store rain AND data.
    4. Speaking of Blazers, we’ll get a preview of what next year’s crop of marijuana entrepreneurs are cookin’ up! (Sorry, no samples. Rick Steves has them all.)
    5. And finally (in the name of shameless promotion), you could win a $100 Green Zebra gift card, or the chance to bag groceries with us the day before Thanksgiving!

Reserve Your Seat or Table
Thanks for supporting Oregon Entrepreneurs. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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