OtherOEN Volunteer Thank You Shindig 2013 – Gratitude to the Fullest!

Let’s party!

Why do people volunteer with OEN?

Maybe to make connections and meet new people… How about to give back? For the past 21 years, OEN volunteers have been dedicated to our mission. Some spend countless hours helping us get ready for one of our special events such as OEN’s Angel Oregon or OEN’s Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards. Others volunteer as advisors, connectors and as a resource. Each and every one of our volunteers makes an impact on our day-to-day operations and every year, we like to show our appreciation for all of the hard work that our volunteers put in with OEN.

Sam Blackman and the wonderful staff over at Elemental Technologies, allowed us to take over their space this last Wednesday. What a turnout we had! Beer, Sizzle Pie Pizza and wine…what a way to celebrate and celebrate is exactly what we did!

OEN Volunteers: Haidn Foster, Jeff Nemeth and Michelle Winnett

“It was great to meet the fellow entrepreneurs that give their time and energy to keep OEN running smoothly. I got to know the othermembers of my committee, started to glimpse how the cogs of OEN fit together, and even made a few new friends.”

Haidn Foster, OEN Marketing Committee

OEN Volunteer Melanie Adamson, OEN’s Director of Special Events, Julie Brown and OEN’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Leslie Constans


Throughout the night, the OEN staff kept hearing from the volunteers that they couldn’t believe the number of people who gave back by volunteering with OEN. It’s wonderful to tell them that we have over 140 tireless volunteers who care about OEN and the thriving entrepreneurship community here in Oregon and SW Washington. Remember, we are statewide and therefore have volunteers from the Gorge to Bend and back around to Eugene and up the I-5 corridor.


OEN Volunteers: Shelley Gunton, Rita Hansen and Tracy Vicario

“I attended a New Member Orientation with OEN almost two years ago. The first person I met at the event was Kirsten Ringen and she gave me great advice – “The best way to meet people is to get involved and join a committee.” I have been an active member and volunteer in the Membership Committee since 2011. Through volunteering with OEN, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with some of the most friendly, inspirational and intelligent people I have ever met.  It has been a wonderful experience watching businesses evolve and thrive in this short period of time. And in the process of doing something fun, I have enjoyed growing my business too.” Tracy Vicario, OEN Membership Committee

OEN Volunteers Melanie Adamson and Sam Blackman

As an OEN staff member, I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of individuals. Everyone who makes the decision to give back, no matter what it is it means something to all of us.

If you aren’t already volunteering with OEN, why not start? Come be a part of the fun!

OEN’s Director of Membership, Kirsten Ringen and Christine James with Elemental Technologies

To all of the amazing OEN volunteers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hopefully you all walked away with full belly’s and some new friends.


OEN volunteers are simply, the best.

Now let’s get ready for another great year with OEN!

Kirsten Ringen
OEN’s Director of Membership Services

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