OEN’s Angel Oregon Investment Program

Paola Moretto and Paola Rossaro, co-founders of Nouvola

Paola Moretto and Paola Rossaro, co-founders of Nouvola, won first place in OEN’s Spring 2014 Program.

Got a great idea? We want to help it take flight.

OEN’s Angel Oregon attracts the state’s brightest doers, innovators, and big thinkers.

Held in the fall and spring of each year, OEN’s Angel Oregon offers early-stage companies an opportunity to compete for an investment award while receiving valuable coaching from angel investors and serial entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, new angel investors have a chance to learn about angel investing, conduct due diligence, and network with experienced investors.

OEN launched Angel Oregon in the late ’90s and the Spring Investment Program in 2005, which culminates in the annual Angel Oregon Showcase. During the Showcase, finalist companies present their pitches to a crowd of over 300 investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. One winner is awarded a check, historically ranging from $250,000-300,000.

OEN’s Fall Program, launched in 2013, typically culminates in an investment award of $50,000-100,000.

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Since 2005, 551 companies have applied to compete at Angel Oregon, and 89 were selected to present. Over $2.9 million has been directly invested through OEN’s Angel Oregon LLC investment award and there have been three favorable exits. Additional investment has been made outside of the LLCs, and more than 740 jobs have been created.


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