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Help us grow a vibrant economy in Oregon.

Access to capital is a formidable challenge for Oregon entrepreneurs. That’s why we OEN are committed to continually expanding and diversifying our pool of angel investors.

Angel Oregon’s Investment team offers investors a chance to:

Learn how to invest: Just like entrepreneurs need to learn how to perfect their pitch and write a viable business plan, investors need to learn how to perform due diligence and effectively evaluate an early-stage startup.

Network with investors and entrepreneurs: Beginning investors need viable opportunities. That’s why it’s important to immerse yourself in our startup ecosystem by connecting to a robust, diverse network of both entrepreneurs and investors.

Learn about new industries:
Sometimes the best investment opportunities will be beyond your range of expertise. By evaluating companies outside of your industry, you can gain insight into a wide variety of business models and strategies.

Be a mentor: Giving money is only one way to support a company. Many investors also become active mentors for the companies they invest in, finding other ways to connect them to resources and contribute to their success.

Grow a vibrant economy in Oregon: Your participation as an angel investor means you are directly expanding Oregon’s capital network, one of the most important indicators of the health of our startup ecosystem.

I joined Angel Oregon to build my network and learn more about angel investing. I met interesting people with diverse backgrounds, gained a foundation in doing company due diligence from an investor standpoint, and came away with a little piece of a company I believe in.”

Wendy Kotila, Angel Oregon Investor

Are you eligible?

Our angels consist of entrepreneurs, executives from larger firms, professionals, and retirees. They come from a range of industries, including software, electronics, food, and apparel. As long as you have a desire to help early-stage companies and meet one of the criteria for SEC accreditation, we would love to welcome you to our Angel Oregon Investment Team!

As an angel, you will accelerate startup progress by providing:

  • Money to finance growth, product development, hiring, operations.
  • Advice from those who have “been there, done that.”
  • Mentoring to provide that much-needed sounding board.
  • Industry and customer connections.

How does Angel Oregon work?

OEN’s Angel Oregon Program begins with education for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs apply, and investors review submissions online. Investors then select which entrepreneurs will go through due diligence. Teams combining new and seasoned investors are each assigned an entrepreneur for due diligence.

The field of companies is narrowed down through a series of investor votes, culminating with the selection of a final winner in April.

Accredited investors contribute $8,100 to the OEN Angel Oregon LLC, which includes one unit, fund fees, networking, events, and OEN membership.

Awards are typically made in the form of a convertible note investment, which will later convert into company equity as part of a “qualified equity financing” or other qualifying event.

The investment is announced at OEN’s annual Angel Oregon Showcase in April. After the program concludes, investors often remain involved with participating companies as advisers or board members.

2017 Timeline

January 17: First Investor Meeting

Confirmed investors submit their signed documents and Steering Committee members lead an intro session on Gust, the platform used to accept and evaluate applications.

January 24: Conference Call

Confirmed investors who are working to evaluate companies will be assigned companies to review.

January 26: Angel Oregon Application Deadline

All applications are due by 11:59 p.m. PST on January 26.

January 27: Additional Companies Assigned for Review

Investors are assigned additional companies to review that applied by the January 26 deadline.

January 31: Investor Meeting - First-Round Cuts

Investors discuss company applications and ratings, and vote on first-round cuts.

February 7: Investor Meeting - First-Round Company Pitches

Companies who made the first cut are invited to make five-minute pitches. Investors form due diligence teams around each of the presenting companies.

February 21: Investor Meeting - Semifinalists Selected

Following due diligence report outs, the team selects 10 semifinalist companies.

March 7: Investor Meeting - Semifinalist Company Pitches

Semifinalist companies are invited to make seven-minute pitches. Due diligence continues.

March 21: Investor Meeting - Finalists Selected

Following due diligence report outs for investors, the team selects five or six finalist companies.

April 4: Investor Meeting - Finalist Pitches

Finalist companies are invited to make 10-minute pitches. Due diligence continues.

April 19: Investor Meeting - Finalist Q&A Session

Finalist companies are asked to attend to participate in five-minute Q&A sessions. Due diligence teams make their recommendations to the Investment Team.

April 26: Investor Vote and Finalist Reception

Investors vote on the winning company, followed by a private evening reception with the finalist companies.

April 27: Angel Oregon Showcase

The winner will be announced at OEN’s Angel Oregon Showcase, which will take place on April 27 at Castaway.

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