Oregon Angel Food (OREGONAF) is a premier PNW food & beverage education & investment event. Gain industry connections, refine your business model, meet investors, and get the lowdown on if/when/how to take investment. Plus: opportunities to build brand awareness, get media coverage, sample, connect with retailers and get support from partners in operations, legal, finance, sales and much more. The program begins June 22 and culminates in an interactive Grand Finale & Marketplace on September 17, 2021.


OregonAF kicks off June 22nd with a high-quality education program led by entrepreneurs and industry experts over four core sessions, plus optional Office Hours and other deep-dives. All participants will have the chance to meet investors and get feedback on their businesses.

Entrepreneurs ready to take investment will go through an investor-led selection process in July & August resulting in a ~$200K equity investment in one maker, to be announced at the Grand Finale on September 17th. Finalists will pitch on the interactive main stage at the Grand Finale and their products promoted in the online Marketplace.

In a nutshell:

  • Robust, entrepreneur-led educational program for early-stage and investment-ready food & beverage makers
  • Opportunity to meet local angel investors and build an equity fundraising pipeline
  • Interactive Grand Finale & Marketplace that brings the community together to taste, discover, cheer and buy
  • Sampling and e-commerce opportunities in the Taster’s Ticket gift box and at the Grand Finale & Marketplace
  • Visibility and media coverage for Finale presenters from both early-stage and investment-ready participants
  • ~$200K equity investment from local angel investors in a participating investment-ready food or beverage maker


  • MAKERS: PNW food & beverage makers of all kinds seeking to grow their business and their brand; best for companies with a first product already in market. All food or beverage entrepreneurs based in the Pacific Northwest are invited to the BUILD Track. Please see eligibility requirements below for the SCALE Track. All participants will meet investors and are welcome at all sessions.
  • ANGELS: accredited investors game to invest collectively in a local food or beverage maker and help grow the regional food sector are welcome. Details below.
  • MENTORS: specialists of all kinds support Makers with their time and talents in co-packing, R&D, food safety, packaging design, labeling, marketing and public relations, retail sales, e-commerce, distribution, financing, and more.


  • Educational workshops will be held virtually via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and content made available to registered participants. One live event for participating makers and investors will be held the evening of July 28th in Portland.
  • OregonAF Grand Finale & Marketplace will be held virtually on September 17th and is open to the public. Taster’s Tickets will include a gift box of samples from participating Makers. An interactive Marketplace will allow attendees to order their favorites during the show.


  • To build your business: learn how best to finance growth, meet investors, connect with retail buyers, and solve operational problems
  • To build community: connect with fellow founders, learn the stories behind home-grown successes, grow your network
  • To build the local economy: earn investment, find local suppliers, meet local talent

Key Dates:

  • MAKER INFO SESSION: June 11th, 11am, FREE, RSVP
  • MAKER REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 21st, 11:59pm (Details below.)
  • CORE WORKSHOPS: (All sessions recorded and transcribed.)
      • June 22, 9-11am
      • June 29, 9-11am
      • July 13, 9-11am
      • July 20, 9-11am
      • June 23, 9-10am
      • June 30, 9-10am
      • July 14, 9-10am
      • July 21, 9-10am
  • WE ARE OREGONAF MIXER: Investment candidate finalists will be announced at a live mixer in Portland on June 28th. Open to OregonAF registered participants, committed investors, and select media only.
  • OREGONAF GRAND FINALE & MARKETPLACE: September 17, 2021, 1-3:30pm. Virtual & interactive. Open to the public.

Education Session Details:

Goal: illuminate the path to growing a national food or beverage business so founders can make the smartest possible decisions in the early stages of their companies’ development, particularly as it relates to taking investment. 

Meet your heroes! The workshops will be entrepreneur-led and driven, featuring successful local founders and offering ample peer-to-peer connections.

Four two-hour core workshops, each with a follow up Office Hour session, will be held in June/July, plus additional optional sessions added along the way. Each core workshop will be led by successful local food and beverage entrepreneurs, and feature a ~30-45 minute presentation by one or more mentors. The second half of each workshop will center on breakout sessions for deeper focus with the day’s presenters and peer-to-peer connections among participants.

  • June 22nd, 9-11am: Going to Market
  • June 29th, 9-11am: F&B Financial Models
  • July 13th, 9-11am: Trademarks & Term Sheets
  • July 20th, 9-11am: What Food Investors Really Want

Office Hours will be held on June 23rd, June 30th, July 14th and July 21st from 9-10am for additional Q&A or support.

Workshops and office hours will be conducted via Zoom. Content portions will be recorded and transcribed (breakout sessions will not). Recordings and transcripts will be available to all registered participants. Transcripts can be provided in Spanish upon request.

A live We Are OregonAF Mixer will be held for registered Makers, committed investors and select media on July 28th in Portland. Location TBA.

September 17: OregonAF Grand Finale & Marketplace

The Grand Finale featuring finalist and showcase pitches will be held virtually on September 17th. Taster’s Tickets include a gift box of samples to taste and comment on while watching the entrepreneur pitches. The interactive show will feature an online e-commerce Marketplace to order direct from participating Makers.

Apply below based on your company’s stage of development.


You have a product and passion. You also have questions – How do I work with a co-packer? How do I trademark my brand? What should my financial model look like as I grow? You’ll get access to top talent: successful local founders who have walked your path already, retail and specialty buyers and merchandisers, lawyers, financiers, investors, plus PR and marketing pros, all with deep food industry experience.

Best fit for:

  • Food or beverage makers of all kinds, anywhere (mentors and resources focused on the PNW)
  • Alcohol and CBD products accepted; no food tech or other F&B-adjacent 
  • Ideally post-revenue; product created and launched
  • Desire to eventually build a regional/national brand

BUILD Track – $45 OEN Members; $65 Non-Members; includes:

  • Four core workshops featuring top local talent, plus Office Hours and other optional workshops
  • Live We Are OregonAF Mixer with mentors and investors on July 28th in Portland
  • Pitch practice opportunities and feedback from mentors and investors
  • Access to virtual Grand Finale & Marketplace (Taster’s Ticket sold separately)
  • Select BUILD Makers will be chosen to pitch at the Grand Finale for additional visibility & media exposure
  • All Makers have the option of creating a virtual booth for e-commerce sales at the Grand Finale & Marketplace


You’ve dialed in your formula, gained local traction, and you’re ready to scale up. You’re seeking smart money that comes with food industry expertise and investor connections. In addition to the workshops & coaching described above, you’ll pitch food investors directly and compete for a $200K direct angel investment.


  • Food or Beverage Makers in Oregon or SW Washington (Clark County)
  • No CBD products; no food tech or F&B-adjacent
  • Minimum of ~$10K/sales each of the last three months
  • Leadership team with relevant past experience
  • Ready to scale regional/national brand

SCALE Track application requires a Gust profile, including pitch deck and financials, in addition to registration. All Gust applications will be reviewed by investors for acceptance in SCALE. Those not accepted will receive a summary of feedback and coaching and invited to the BUILD Track.

SCALE Track – $65 OEN Members; $85 Non-Members

  • Includes everything in the BUILD Track, PLUS:
  • Pitch deck and Gust profile review and feedback by investors for all applicants
  • If accepted into SCALE, you’ll go through investor due diligence and the opportunity to earn $200K equity investment
  • SCALE Finalists will present on the main stage at the OregonAF Grand Finale on September 17th

Please Note: SCALE Finalists are required to provide 200 samples for the Grand Finale Taster’s Ticket gift box (includes investors, media, sponsors, and foodies!). Finalist products will also be highlighted in the online Marketplace and supported via e-commerce.

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