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Join us for an interactive 1-hour session designed to unlock the power of laughter in enhancing happiness, teamwork, and creativity. In this session comedian Stefano Iaboni, will lead participants to discover the profound psychological benefits of laughter, gaining insights into how it fosters happiness and overall well-being. He promises a fun-filled and enlightening session

You will discover:

Psychological Benefits: Unveil how laughter fosters happiness and well-being.
Team Unity: Learn to use humor for stronger team bonds and communication.
Creativity Boost: Explore how playfulness sparks innovation.
Stress Relief: Find out how laughter reduces stress and builds resilience.
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Stefano Iaboni is specializes in delivering experiential and tailored courses to a diverse range of clients including businesses, public entities, and NGOs. With over 15 years of experience as a comic actor and professional educator, along with several edX certificates in happiness, humor, and workforce development, he is dedicated to fostering joy, laughter, and discovery in his workshops. Stefano’s mission is to empower teams to enhance connectivity, foster collaboration, and ignite creativity by leveraging laughter and positive emotions. Through a combination of team building, gamification, active listening, and humor, he creates vibrant environments where genuine connections thrive, conflicts are resolved, and communication is improved.


(Friday) 10:00 am - 11:00 am



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