OEN NewsMeet Claire Brown | Tonkon Torp LLP

We’re pleased to introduce Claire Brown from Tonkon Torp LLP as this week’s Sponsor Spotlight. 


What’s the role that you and your firm play in the entrepreneurial community?  Tonkon has a long history of supporting new companies in the Pacific Northwest, both through pro bono assistance and general legal work.

What type of entrepreneurs are you best suited to support?  Every stage!  From formation through any sort of exit, we can help plan, strategize, and maximize benefit while minimizing risk.

What are your most common recommendations to first-time entrepreneurs?  Choose the right partners for growth.  Money is only part of this equation.

What do you think is an opportunity for this community to grow?  As more companies grow and exit, our investor community will become more robust and diverse, which will benefit the ecosystem significantly.

Why do you think OEN has an important role to play in this entrepreneurial community?  Education, connection, and enthusiasm are key inputs for company growth.

What would people be surprised to know about you?  I can solve a Rubik’s cube

Visit Tonkon Torp LPP to learn more.

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