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The topic of parenting and cannabis is one that even cannabis advocates have somewhat avoided, even now with more states legalizing. However, Tokeativity has done just the opposite, and instead welcomes cannabis-consuming mothers to tell their stories and build community through their global forum and event series, CannaMamas.

Tokeativity co-founders Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder have been striving to create a place for women to connect, learn, and support one another since the company’s inception. “We hope to educate and empower women to make the best choice for them during pregnancy and parenthood. As we expand, we keep meeting more and more mothers who feel just as alone as I did during the early years of parenthood.” Montanaro said.

“These issues should not be an afterthought to cannabis law makers. The global economy is where the industry is headed. We want to help connect all women with the resources, tools and people they need to thrive,” Snyder added.

Cannamommy Nonprofit is an organization that advocates for mothers’ rights to use plants over pills for their maternal and overall health care. The organization works closely alongside Tokeativity on this sector of their company and community.

Kelley Bruce, Founder of Cannamommy, relates, “Mothers are the most vulnerable group when it comes to consumption because they are legally responsible for another life. The laws—even in legal and medical states—do not protect a mother’s right to choose plants before pills. Because of this, the stigma is harsh and the support is minimal, and they can’t have an honest conversation with health care providers.”

Bruce went on to explain that Tokeativity Canna Mamas events provide a safe space “for all female-identified people to come share and learn … we are able to open the door to mothers from all over the world.”

The first global Tokeativity Canna Mamas event took place in an online classroom recently, and included a panel with Bruce (California), Montanaro (Oregon), and two mothers from outside the US: Gill Pollard from Canada and Kelly Edible from South Africa countries that recently legalized cannabis.

Aside from being a mother, Gill Pollard is Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Her(B) Life. Pollard explained that by speaking frankly and openly, we’ll see that cannabis use is simply another tool in our wellness (or recreational) toolkits and it’s not something that should be demonized.

“Moms already face so much pressure and shame from society, we don’t need another thing to be ashamed of. Cannabis helps me be a better mother and I love that about it. Now, with cannabis newly legal in Canada, it makes this a great time to be having these conversations.”

Recently, South Africa’s Supreme Court legalized cannabis for private use, opening up all kinds of doors for the cannabis conversation in their country. Kelly Edible, who resides in South Africa, is a mother and founder of Toasted Treats. She agrees that being a mom associated with cannabis is challenging, and that moms are continuously judged, even though the greater part of our communities have little to no understanding of how cannabis can be medicinal.

She explained, “With limited acceptance, the only way we can create the ripple of change is by educating those closest to us, our kids. It was eye opening and heartwarming to hear mothers from around the globe talk about their challenges in the past and present. If it wasn’t for the Canna Mamas platform I wouldn’t feel as empowered as I do now with the knowledge gained and connections created.”

Mothers have the opportunity to have thoughtful, meaningful conversations with their children about cannabis. Along those lines, mothers (especially those who are cannabis consumers, advocates, or industry professionals) should be checking in with one another and sharing information and ideas around how to have these conversations.

What’s next for Tokeativity Canna Mamas events? Tokeativity is using their secure digital platform to help more mothers congregate from their homes around the world to talk about important issues surrounding cannabis and motherhood.

Montanaro explains, “Getting together in person is even more difficult when you have a household to run, and our online space makes it easy for moms to log in and be part of a community of moms doing the same thing.”

Kelly Edible added, “I think that Tokeativity Canna Mama is creating a safe and open environment for mothers to communicate without judgment and cheer one another on with guidance and appreciation. They create the connection to a tribe, and that’s a feeling I have been searching for a long time. Tokeativity is helping break stereotypes and ensure that we have a voice in the cannabis industry both individually and collectively.”


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