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Summer’s coming to a close and Fall is near. It’s time to stop putting off that work you’ve been dreading and start checking things off your to-do list. The only problem: how are you going to find a place to get down to business? Home is too distracting, and coffee shops are too loud. The solution? Industrious, Portland’s newest and coolest coworking space.

OEN talked with Industrious to find out what’s going down at Industrious’ Select Preview and why you should be attending:

What? Where? When? We are having our Select Preview the week of September 17-21 at our downtown Portland location, 811 SW 6th Ave, 10th Floor). You can sign up for a tour time here!

How is Industrious different from other coworking spaces in Portland? Industrious is the country’s leading premium coworking and private office space-provider. We tend to surprise and delight people who are familiar with other coworking spaces and looking or a sophisticated, beautiful, client-ready alternative to the traditional office space. As a company,  there are three things that truly set us apart:

  1. Hospitality: When you step into our lobby, we want it to feel like you are walking into a 4/5 star hotel. Renata and I are here to make sure our members feel personally connected and cared for on a daily basis.
  2. Community: We limit our memberships so we can get to know all our members on a very real level, which allows us to tailor your experience as well as introduce you to the fascinating people that you see around the office every day. We promote networking through our events and happy hours and are always looking for new ways to build meaningful relationships.
  3. Design: Our design is modern and understated, with lots of glass, plant life, and natural light. You’ll only see the Industrious brand behind the front desk and on our coffee mugs. That’s because we want to help your personal brand shine through. This is YOUR office space! Think mid-century modern with stellar views of Mt. Hood and Pioneer Square, with an authentically Pacific Northwestern vibe.

Essentially, we are dedicated to the member experience and our goal is to change the way that people experience work.

What is the benefit of signing up for a tour? Personalization! One of our team members will walk you through the space, find out what you’re looking for in an office space, and tailor the information provided to what’s most important to you and your team. And it wouldn’t be Industrious if we didn’t include some complimentary food and drinks!

What will I find out on the tour? You will find out about how Industrious can make you excited about coming to work and how our signature hospitality will make you and your clients say “WOW” – whether it’s stunning design for your office, wellness rooms, conference space, complimentary breakfast daily, or our weekly happy hours and other events.

Do I need to have a company to have a spot at Industrious? Not at all! In addition to offering private office space, we also offer coworking and dedicated desk memberships. Everyone is welcome at Industrious, whether you’re a team of 20, a solopreneur getting started, or a writer working on the next great American novel.

What kind of networking opportunities are available? During the week of Select Preview, we will have all kinds of people coming through the space, from vendors to business owners, with events sprinkled throughout the week. Start your Monday with a select coffee cupping with Ristretto Roasters, BizBuilders is joining us on Wednesday morning, we have CorksCru coming in-to do a wine tasting, and Thursday the 20th we’ll be hosting the SoCon Networking Event in our space! That’s just a taste of the events that Industrious will be hosting on a weekly basis.

My company is made up of 10 people. Is there enough room for us at Industrious? Absolutely! We serve everyone, even teams of 100 people! Our memberships work on an all-inclusive, highly flexible model that is meant to ensure that teams of any size have the amenities they need without being locked into the restrictions of a traditional office space lease. We offer 30-day, 2-month, and 12-month memberships, and we are always happy to celebrate and accommodate growing teams. Industrious has worked with companies like Spotify, Pandora, Compass, McKinsey, and Kraft-Heinz… but no matter how big or small, we have a commitment to sweat the details and serve the whole person to make sure you feel great in your new work home.

What is the benefit of signing up for a membership now versus later? The fabulous thing about taking a tour during our Select Preview is that you’ll be eligible for the last days of our one and only membership promotion. If you choose Industrious within 2 weeks of taking your Select Preview tour, we’ll give you 50% off of your first 2 months! We stand by our product and the value we offer is truly apparent to our members, so this gift is only available until 5 PM on Friday, September 21st. Did we already mention the complimentary breakfast and cocktail happy hours? And no matter what, every tour at Industrious ends with a delightful dark chocolate bar from Mast. We may be somewhat biased, but we strongly believe this beautiful new office space is worth a look.

If I can’t make it the week of the 17th, is there another time I can take a tour? Of course! This link has openings through October 12th and if you can’t make it until after that, simply head over to our website, www.industriousoffice.com/portland, and schedule a tour there. We’re always happy to find something that works for you and you’re welcome to bring a friend along with you from your partner, entire team, or furry friend (Industrious Portland is dog-friendly)! All will be welcomed with smiling faces and a cup of Ristretto coffee or La Croix 🙂

Industrious: https://www.industriousoffice.com/locations/portland


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