OtherWhat Are Your Favorite Oregon-Made Food & Beverage Products?

Oregon Food and Beverage Gifts
Help us decide what to put in this gift basket!

Our startup gift guide for foodies is back! But this year, we’re asking for your input. Help us determine Oregon’s most gift-worthy food and beverage products.

Below you’ll find a starter list of products you can stamp with your own thumbs up. But of course, there is so much foodie goodness going on here in Oregon, we know there’s a lot we left out. Don’t see your favorite? Don’t be shy – go ahead and add it!


Got a preferred food and beverage genre? Skip straight to:
Sweet Treats | Breakfast and Snack Foods | Sauces, Dips, and Spreads | Craft Beverages
Vinegars and Pickled Things | Kitchen Essentials

Sweet Treats

Candy, cookies, pastries, ice creams, and other goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. What Oregon-made sweet treats do you like to indulge in?

Ranker – Lists About Everything


Breakfast and Snack Foods

Cereals, energy bars, and savory snacks. What Oregon-made breakfast and snack foods help you get through your day?

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More


Sauces, Dips, and Spreads

Nut butters, bean dips, hot sauces, cheeses, and more. What Oregon-made sauces, dips, and spreads help bring your food to life? 

Ranker – Lists About Everything


Craft Beverages

Brews, spirits, coffees, teas, and other liquid treats. What Oregon-made craft beverages do you like to sip on? 

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More


Vinegars & Pickled Things

From fruity to salty to spicy, all that mouth-watering vinegar goodness. What Oregon-made vinegars and pickles make you pucker? 

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More


Kitchen Essentials

Spices, broths, grains, mixes, and other kitchen essentials. What Oregon-made products are a must-have in your pantry?

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More

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