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Do you believe in Oregon entrepreneurs? We do, and we think they deserve more. After all, entrepreneurs give so much to our great state of Oregon. They give us jobs. Inspiration. Solutions to vexing problems.

That’s why we’re asking you to join in the effort to create Built Oregon, a platform designed to celebrate the statewide network of entrepreneurs and innovators who are building Oregon:

Here’s more from Built Oregon creators (and OEN Board Members) Mitch Daugherty, Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, and Rick Turoczy:

The Oregon story of innovation and entrepreneurship is one of passion, inspiration, perspiration, dedication, and collaboration. It’s one that is focused on craft and attention to detail. Whether that craft involves food, technology, or life sciences. From Ashland to Baker City to Astoria, Oregonians get up every day, looking to seize opportunities; opportunities that drive the state’s economy, and more importantly, our local communities.

These activities, however, go largely unrecognized. These stories are rarely told. And because of that there is a lack of awareness about what is happening in every corner of Oregon. Even when we do see these stories, they tend to be focused primarily on the larger cities and a small segment of industries. But innovation and entrepreneurship are not constrained to areas with a certain population; by a particular demographic; or by a geographic region. These stories span our entire state.

There needs to be another voice to tell these stories. The stories that are happening from Hillsboro to the Wallowas. The stories that span many industries, from medical advances to new types of paddle equipment. The stories of struggles, as well as successes.

Your stories.

Built Oregon will be the platform to feature these stories. To give them the attention and care they deserve. To craft the story of Oregon.

Learn more and join in the effort! Visit Built Oregon on Kickstarter.

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