Other3 Past Angel Oregon Winners Who Have Raised Some Serious Dough

In an ideal world, every company that has won OEN’s Angel Oregon would go on to experience resounding success. But of course, we all know it doesn’t work that way. Promising young companies can flounder or fail for any number of reasons that investors can’t predict.

As we prepare to announce our Angel Oregon Spring 2014 Investment Term winner at our Showcase on Wednesday, the Portland Business Journal tracked down OEN’s past Angel Oregon winners to see where they stand today. Despite the story’s ominous headline (“How many past Angel Oregon winners are still in business?“), we are happy to report that the majority are still alive, and some are truly thriving.

These three past winners particularly stand out, successfully using their Angel Oregon investment as a springboard for further fundraising:

OEN's Angel Oregon 2013 Winner BrandliveBrandlive, which won $260,000 at OEN’s Angel Oregon 2013 Conference, went on to raise a Series A round of $1.6 million, led by the Oregon Angel Fund (OAF).

Brandlive provides brands with a one-to-many, live, interactive ecommerce platform.


OpenSesame OEN's Angel Oregon 2011 Launch WinnerOpenSesame raised a $8.2 million Series A in early 2014 after nabbing a $185,000 prize in OEN’s Angel Oregon 2011 Conference.

A platform for buying and selling elearning courses, OpenSesame currently offers over 20,000 online training courses for businesses.


OEN's Angel Oregon 2009 Winner Design MedixAfter winning $230,000 in OEN’s Angel Oregon 2009 Conference, DesignMedix raised a Series A round of $1.2 million in 2009 and has embarked on a Series B round with a goal of $1.5 million.

DesignMedix develops drugs to address the large medical need caused by the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases.


Other notable companies:

  • After winning the concept stage prize of $25,000 at OEN’s Angel Oregon 2010 Conference, Athletepath raised nearly $1 million in October 2013.
  • OEN’s Angel Oregon 2012 winner Chez Marie now sells its veggie burgers in more than 1,000 stores in 17 states.
  • Castor Pollux, which won OEN’s first Angel Oregon Conference in 2005, exited in 2009 in a deal with Merrick Pet Care Inc.

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