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It seems that almost everyone these days is brewing beer, developing an app, or scrambling to invent the next big wearable tech device. Come to our February PubTalk this Wednesday, February 10 to learn how entrepreneurs in these popular sectors have assessed their market and risen above the fray.

We asked our panelists one key question to get the conversation going: How have you differentiated your business from the competition?

Here’s what they have to say:

Justin Fay, Basecamp Brewing Company“Perseverance! Everywhere I went, people advised against doing what I wanted to do, many saying I wouldn’t be able to. There were significant obstacles that gave them reason to think that, a very big one being money. It costs a whole hell of a lot to start a production business. And at the time I was looking, in the midst of an economic downturn, loans were tough to come by. I presented my business to a whole bunch of banks, and kept getting turned down. I kept going though, and finally found one that would listen to me and ask questions. Perseverance in every step is what is required, especially in an increasingly unfriendly small-business environment. ”

– Justin Fay, Brewmaster & Owner, Base Camp Brewing Company

Dave Howell, Founder of Avatron Software“We think about what our core strengths are, compared to our competitors, and amplify that. In the case of our Air Display app, the strongest competitor was a hardware maker, and their software design sense showed it. So we concentrated our efforts on ease of use and intuitive workflows. Our Everydisk project competes with relative behemoths like Dropbox and Box, which are great for small sets of files, but can cost thousands of dollars if you have terabytes of data, compared to $25 per year for Everydisk. So the initial target market for Everydisk will be people who have lots of data: videographers, Photoshop users, and other creative professionals.”

– Dave Howell, Founder & CEO, Avatron

Ryan Fink, OnTheGo Platforms“Right now our closest competitor is building hardware to solve the same issue we’re addressing with software. Ari (Augmented Reality Interface) utilizes the single camera built into smart glasses to accomplish gesture recognition and there’s no added hardware needed.”

– Ryan Fink, CEO & Co-Founder, OnTheGo Platforms

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