Other5 Handwritten Thank You Notes that Earned 5 Loyal Clients

Investors come in all forms. They can be angels or VCs, but they can also be early clients who are taking a leap of faith, staffers working long hours for little pay, family members helping to wash your clothes and stock the fridge, or mentors volunteering precious time to offer guidance and support. Cash aside, many people are investing their trust, sweat, and time into your venture.

Now would be a fitting time to express your appreciation. But wait! Before you start typing, why don’t you consider writing something by hand? Yes, this would involve a pen and a piece of paper. Probably an envelope. Maybe even a postage stamp.

Below are five examples of handwritten thank you notes received by clients of companies both large and small, along with the recipients’ surprised, delighted, and grateful reactions.

Thanking your stakeholders is the right thing to do, but think about this added perk: These recipients were so excited that they actually took photos of the thank you notes, posted them online, and blogged their appreciation. (And now their appreciation is being re-blogged.) That’s word-of-mouth marketing at its best.

 From iContact

Handwritten thank you note from iContact

My first reaction was to determine if it was actually written by a human; happily, the ink smudged and lettering variations revealed that it was not a computer font.

My second reaction was to be quite impressed. (See full blog.)


From Yield Software

We’ve always believed it is important to let long time customers know that they are appreciated and to thank them for their continued business.  It’s also great to be on the receiving end of that appreciation!” (See full blog.)


 From FormSpring

Here at GasPedal, we work with some amazing companies — the kind who took mom’s advice to heart and diligently send notes of appreciation. We especially dig this one (pictured) from our friends at FormSpring. We received it just a few days after checking out their trial services. It’s the perfect example of a simple, personalized way to welcome a new customer.” (See full blog.)


From Grasshopper

I feel appreciated as a customer… Based on the principle of give to get, I feel like I want to reciprocate and help Jonathan and Grasshopper in the future, either through recommendation–or even in writing this article! This thank you card is going to be posted on my wall and other’s who come over to the office will see it from now on and maybe we’ll have a conversation about it. It’s free advertising for Grasshopper, which I’m glad to give.” (See full blog.)


From Lands’ End

I was so surprised. When was the last time you received a thank you note for shopping online? Come to think of it – when was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note from anyone? Now I know that I’m probably not special and that this small gesture is most likely part of their customer service process (and designed to get me to buy from them again — nice plug about their shift dress), but it definitely made me feel special and important to the company.” (See full blog.)

 Have you written or received any notable thank you notes? Tweet us a photo at @oenorg

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