OtherSecond Annual OEN Benchmark Survey Reveals Startup Jobs & Revenues are Increasing

In OEN’s second annual Benchmark Survey, entrepreneur respondents reported 72% growth in employment in 2012 (compared to 43% in 2011), adding 1,313 jobs to the Oregon economy in 2012. OEN entrepreneur companies employed an average of 7 people in 2011 and 12 in 2012.

OEN survey respondents also revealed an average 41% year-over year increase in gross revenue.

”The economy has been difficult for many businesses in the region; however, entrepreneurs in Oregon and Southwest Washington held fast against the tide and are growing dramatically as compared to other regions,” said Linda Weston, President and Executive Director of OEN. “Given the business growth and the tremendous amount of angel and venture funding we are seeing, OEN member companies and employees are reaping the benefits of the education and networking opportunity OEN provides.”

This is the second year for OEN’s Benchmark Survey, which asks entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to the startup community about job creation, funding and the value of connecting with other entrepreneurs.

In addition, survey respondents reported getting benefit from participating in an entrepreneurial community like OEN. Key findings include:

  • 80% of active OEN entrepreneur members met an investor, customer, vendor, advisor or new employee through OEN last year.
  • 91% of active OEN investor members met an entrepreneur in whom they invested or in whom they looked at investing, a vendor or an advisor, versus 94% in 2012’s survey.
  • 86% of active OEN service provider members—and 97% of service provider sponsors—met a customer, vendor, advisor or key team member through OEN, versus 85% and 86% in 2012’s survey.

OEN survey respondents include both members and event participants who are a healthy mix of entrepreneurs (58%), investors (12%) and service providers (51%).  Moreover, fully 29% of respondents participate in OEN in more than one role (as both entrepreneurs/service providers).

Conducted for OEN by Lynch Marketing Strategies, the survey included responses from 190 OEN members and non-member attendees of OEN events since January 1, 2012.


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