OtherNext Deadline for Oregon’s FounderDating Group: Nov. 14

If one thing is certain about startups, it’s that many early-stage entrepreneurs face the challenge of how to find additional talent, including co-founders and other leaders, to grow the business. FounderDating, an online network for entrepreneurs, was started nationally to address this issue and now has a Portland affiliate.

OEN talked with Portland’s FounderDating ambassador Cory Huff about how Portland (and Oregon) entrepreneurs can meet their ideal mate. The application deadline for Portland FounderDating’s next round of members is due Nov. 14.

What is FounderDating?
FounderDating is an online network that’s like LinkedIn – but for entrepreneurs. You have to be invited to join but once you’re in, you can use the network to find the resources you need to grow your business.

When did FounderDating come to Portland?
The first round of applications was a couple of months ago, and we received over 100 applications. After careful screening and reference checks, 40 entrepreneurs were selected for the Portland network of FounderDating. We are really excited about the people who are in the network now; they’re some of the best startup minds in town.

What can an entrepreneur use FounderDating for?
The FounderDating network is made up of people with a strong mix of business and technology experience, so entrepreneurs who are looking to recruit talent can not only find a potential co-founder, but also other team leaders with a variety of backgrounds.

Can you only connect with people in Portland?
Portland now has a local group set up within FounderDating but members have access to the entire network, which is national. FounderDating is in more than 20 cities now. If you are looking for a particular kind of person, you can search and filter by those skills.

What if you’re not in Portland? Can an entrepreneur somewhere else in Oregon also apply?
Yes, entrepreneurs from across Oregon are welcome to apply.

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