OtherThe Alchemy of Interaction: Why SOBCon Is a Conference Like No Other

By Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, SOBCon co-founder and OEN member

Imagine a conference that’s about YOU, and not the people on stage.

Imagine a conference that challenges YOU to turn YOUR ideas into action, and take YOUR business to another level.

Imagine a conference where YOU can make lifelong connections with 100 other people.

Imagine a conference that will change YOUR life, and YOUR business, in ways you never thought possible.

SOBCon is that kind of conference – one like no other.

Since our first annual event in 2007 in Chicago, SOBCon (“SOB” stands for Successful Online Business) has always been about YOU.  That’s the way these events have always been, and always will be.   They can’t work without YOU, sharing your ideas, your dreams, and your successes and failures with the other people in the room.

We’ve since added another annual SOBCon event in Portland (our first SOBCon NW was last year), and we’re pleased to once again bring our unique formula and format to the Pacific Northwest.

It’s the “alchemy of interaction”.  We take 100-150 people, seat them in tables of 5, throw out some inspiring ideas, introduce discussion models based on those ideas, and let the conversations and connections begin, right there in the room – not in the hallways or lunch rooms.

These series of conversations build over 2 ½ days into impactful and actionable learning about YOU and your business, and deep personal connections with the people in the room.

This learning leads to breakthroughs and transformations that take your business to another level, and the connections bring opportunities that lead to new partnerships and revenue streams.

Our previous attendees have described the SOBCon experience as “inspiring”, “high-octane”, “informative”, “empowering”, “invigorating”, “rewarding”, “thought-provoking” and “fun”.

Why don’t you come to our next event In Portland and see it for yourself?  Be ready to bring your ideas and dreams to the table.  We’ll save you a seat.

SOBCon Northwest will take place on September 28-30, 2012 at the Urban Studio in downtown Portland Oregon.   The theme of this event is “Starting UP Strategically”, and attendance will be limited to 100, so sign up now.

If you register before August 1, you can save $100 off the $695 ticket price.

For more information visit our site at http://www.sobevent.com, or e-mail us at sobevents@gmail.com; I’d be happy to answer your questions.

OEN member and Portland resident Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie is the Managing Partner of Inside-Out Thinking (IOT), a professional & business development partnership that focuses on leadership, business execution, and customer care.  He most recently completed a successful 23-year tenure in the cable television business.  For the past 6 years he has also published a popular blog on business & leadership, “TerryStarbucker.com”, and with his partner at IOT, Liz Strauss, is a co-founder of SOBCon, a biannual business conference based in Chicago and Portland OR, and one of the best learning & development forums for small and medium-sized business owners in the US.

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