OEN Startup Series

10 weeks of nuts-and-bolts training for early-stage entrepreneurs

Do Excel spreadsheets make your heart skip a beat? Are you embarrassed to admit that you’re not sure what a hashtag is?

No entrepreneur can be expected to know it all. Our 10-week Startup Series covers the nuts and bolts of the areas in which you may lack expertise, including business structure, financial management, sales & marketing strategies, fundraising, and more.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has launched a business that is pre-revenue or bringing in less than $250,000 annually, this workshop series is for you!


Session 1

Welcome + Goal Setting

Session 2

Your Business Structure Checklist

Session 3

Marketing Strategy

Session 4

Building a Sales Strategy

Session 5

Developing a Healthy Financial Structure

Session 6

Finding an Office Space Beyond Your Garage

Session 7

Working with Third-Party Vendors

Session 8

Funding Your Company

Session 9

Hiring and Firing A Team

Session 10

Wrap Up Session

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