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OEN is committed to helping entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to start and scale their businesses. As we began to support companies in the cannabis industry, our partners, including NuLeaf, and Prosper Portland, among others, echoed the concerns we heard from the entrepreneurs themselves: Historically, cannabis companies have been excluded from traditional business education, putting them at a distinct disadvantage in an already very complicated and challenging industry. Therefore, OEN is partnering with NuLeaf and others to provide extensive business training for companies in the cannabis industry.


Are you a scaling business in the cannabis industry?  Are you looking to connect with experts in the sector who can help you get to the next level?  Do you want to connect with a peer group of other cannabis founders? If so, our 10-week Cannabis Business Basics series is for you!

Our 10-week Cannabis Business Basics series covers the nuts and bolts of building and scaling a strong business, through the lens of the cannabis industry. Topics will include sales & marketing strategies, fundraising, finance and accounting, HR, legal & compliance, and much more. All instructors are experts in the cannabis industry and have a track record of helping companies succeed.

This series has also been designed to educate participants on the diversity and equity challenges facing the cannabis industry, and provide strategies for building a more diverse industry. Each course topic will take into account the unique hurdles business owners of color face, and include tools for overcoming those challenges.


  • Welcome & Goal Setting; Intro to equity and inclusion
  • Your Business Structure Checklist and Intro to real estate considerations
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Building a Sales Strategy
  • Developing a Healthy Financial Structure
  • Business Operations and Lean Principles
  • Compliance and Licensing
  • Funding Your Company
  • Hiring and Firing a Team
  • Wrap Up Session

In addition to a top-notch curriculum that provides critical business skills applicable to any business, each participant in OEN’s Cannabis Business Basics will have access to a network of mentors covering each of the session topics above.  Our mentors have agreed to provide guidance during the full 10 weeks of this program.  Have a burning question about licensing? No need to wait until week 7, just email one of our mentors. A full mentor list will be provided on the first day of class and will be updated regularly. 

This course was developed by OEN’s Cannabis Leadership team in partnership with Nu Leaf, and is the first major program specifically tailored for businesses in the cannabis sector. OEN’s goal is to help a diverse group of entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry connect to the resources they need so they can significantly increase their odds of success. OEN’s driving mission is that a thriving networking of entrepreneurs makes Oregon stronger, and we look forward to playing our part to strengthen the business community surrounding cannabis.


If you’re an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry who has launched a business and want to meet other industry experts, has technical business questions, or just want to meet a cohort of other cannabis businesses to learn from and share with, this series is for you!


Have a question or doubt this is the right program for you? Check out our FAQ here

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