OEN Members Get $100 in Business Coaching Credit at Pregame


We’ve partnered with Pregame, an OEN Member and Oregon-grown business, to provide high-level coaching and workshops that create results for Oregon Entrepreneurs. Here’s a great place to start!

The Kickoff Session is the ultimate strategy session to get business clarity and create your game plan.

You’ll huddle one on one with a Pregame Coach via Zoom to get objective feedback on your ideas, challenges, and opportunities. Walk away with clear goals for your next 90 days and next steps that will help you move forward faster.

If you’re ready to grow, The Kickoff Session is exactly what you need to be confident you’re going in the right direction.


90-Minute, 1:1 Session via Zoom
OEN Members Get $100 Off! Use code OREGONGROWS21
More Info + Sign Up at


“Today I had my one-on-one Kickoff Session at Pregame and made a seriously kick-ass plan of attack for my business. We figured out in ONE HOUR what I have been laboring over for nearly twelve months.” — Kristen, Interior Designer, Oregon
“Pregame has helped me get organized, bolster my confidence, and get over my fear of negotiating for money and demanding my real value. I would not be making the progress that I have without Ciara and her team.” — Bill, Cannabis Product Developer, Oregon
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