OEN Entrepreneurship Awards 2020: Disruption Edition


No doubt about it, 2020 is one for the books. So we’re throwing out the standard Awards playbook and embracing transformational change. This year’s OEN Awards are organized around four verbs that define Oregon entrepreneurship in 2020:

  • DISRUPT: Startups exist because their founders see a better world than the one that exists. This category recognizes startups that are disrupting an incumbent industry and re-inventing how things get done. Rather than forcing a pivot, COVID has sped their growth and brought their vision of the future that much closer.
  • CREATE: New worlds open opportunities for entirely new ideas. Like Netflix or iPhone in their time, this category recognizes startups that could never have existed before right now. They are creating new categories and reimagining how we live and work in entirely novel ways.
  • OVERCOME: To build a company in a rapidly changing context takes resilience, adaptability, good teamwork and gifted leadership. This category recognizes startups that have made the pivots, dug deep, pulled their teams together, fought the right fights, and overcome adversity with the deck stacked against them.
  • GIVE: In many ways this has been a difficult year, but there are startups in our midst that have shown true leadership by supporting their communities, not just their companies. They’ve collaborated, lifted each other up, prioritized the greater good, and taken concrete action to build a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tickets & Swag


Tickets are now available for the OEN Entrepreneurship Awards: Disruption Edition by selecting one of the ticket types on the right. All guests will receive a swag bag with the makings for a celebratory evening (think snacks, drinks and party favors)! Gather your squad to host your own private online viewing party in a “virtual table” – complete with swag bags for 12 – or buy an individual ticket and join an OEN table to meet new people.

Pick up your swag bag for free at Contactless Pick-Up on Monday, November 16th, or have yours shipped straight to your door for $9.95.

Sponsorships are available. Email info@oen.org for details.


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