OEN NewsAnnouncing our 2016 Board of Directors!

OEN 2016 Board of DirectorsWe’re excited to announce our 2016 Board of Directors, as well as our 2016 Advisory Board and Program Chairs. A mix of fresh faces and seasoned talent will help OEN reach new heights this year.

Stepping up to lead the 2016 Board is Scott Davidson of White Summers. Davidson has over two decades of experience in working with entrepreneurs and management teams of start-up and later-stage ventures across a broad spectrum of Pacific Northwest industry groups, including consumer brands, apparel, footwear, entertainment and technology.

New additions to OEN’s 2016 Board of Directors include Emma Mcilroy, CEO and Co-Founder of Wildfang; Mat Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudability; and Jon Maroney of Oregon Angel Fund.

Below is a complete list of local leaders who have been selected and confirmed to be on the OEN Board of Directors, Programs and Advisory Board for 2016:


  • Chair – Scott Davidson, White Summers
  • Vice Chair – Jason Bolt, Revant
  • Finance/Treasurer – Graham Petersen, Geffen Mesher
  • Secretary – Jeffrey Woodcox, Tonkon Torp
  • Entrepreneur Services Programs – Jon Maroney, Oregon Angel Fund
  • Marketing & Web/IT Services –   Emma Mcilroy, Wildfang
  • Board Leadership & Development – Mat Ellis, Cloudability
  • Investor Services – Terry St. Marie, Investor
  • Membership –  Ernie Bootsma, Ater Wynne
  • President & Executive Director – Linda Weston, OEN


  • D’Wayne Edwards, Pensole
  • Ken Tomita, Grovemade
  • Paige Hendrix Buckner, ClientJoy
  • Jennifer Fox, OTRADI
  • John Hull, University of Oregon Business Innovation Center
  • Scott Sandler, OAF (Past Board Chair)


  • OEN Angel Oregon Chair –   Ana Andueza, Investor/CFO
  • OEN Angel Oregon Vice Chair – Steve Schwartz, Investor/entrepreneur
  • OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards Chair – Gilian Fenner, USI
  • OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards Awards Vice Chair –  Eric Turner, JLL
  • Development – Mary Hull, Stoel Rives
  • OEN PubTalk – Ann McQuesten, White Summers
  • Sponsorship – Peter Kwong – Perkins & Co
  • OEN Entrepreneurial Summit – Sean Beers, Portland Product Werks

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