Be at the Heart of Oregon's Entrepreneurial Community

OEN is a thriving, multi-faceted community that contains members from every walk of life, pursuing every aspect of entrepreneurship to better our state and region. With a 25-year track record, OEN is the heart of our entrepreneurial community, fostering innovation, growth, success, and giving back.

We are uniquely positioned to connect your company to hundreds of local entrepreneurs and startup companies that are actively seeking your services.

We can help you:

  1. Reach a target market of highly educated, business decision-makers. Sponsorship grants you access to over 1,200 members who not only make business decisions at their companies, but who are closely connected to other Oregon business leaders.
  2. Gain visibility as an industry leader. Word travels fast in the entrepreneurial community. An OEN sponsorship gives you an edge over your competition by positioning you as a company at the forefront of your industry.
  3. Support job creation and economic development in Oregon. An OEN sponsorship not only pairs your name with a respected local nonprofit, but supports our mission to drive job growth and earn Oregon a national reputation as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We at Perkins Coie are proud to have been an OEN sponsor for many years. If you are looking to invest in an organization that truly does good things, then OEN is definitely the place to bet on the future.

Brentley Bullock, Partner, Perkins Coie

“OEN is a key contributor to Portland’s entrepreneurial support system, providing entrepreneurs with invaluable access to mentoring, advice, networking, and financing.”

Jason Brauser, Partner, Stoel Rives

Organizational Sponsorship Opportunities

Of our 100+ annual sponsors, 59 support OEN at an organizational level, helping to sustain and enhance the impact of the largest and most ambitious entrepreneurial assistance organization in the state of Oregon. Their generous contributions made our organizational operations possible, from keeping our servers running, to marketing our events, to growing our membership base.

An organizational sponsorship gains your company visibility across our wide spectrum of events, as well as access to the 3,000+ entrepreneurs who attend them each year.

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Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Since 1999, nearly 55,000 participants have benefited from OEN’s programs and events. Our dynamic events inform, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs from all sectors across the state.

  1. Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards. OEN’s signature annual gala honors excellence in entrepreneurship, attracting over 600 entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors.
  2. OEN Angel Oregon. The region’s premier early-stage investment conference draws over 300 entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors from across the state.
  3. OEN PubTalk™. OEN is perhaps best known for its monthly PubTalks, which feature themed panel discussions, pitch sessions, and networking opportunities for a crowd of 70-140 entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors.
  4. OEN Entrepreneurial Summit. Launched in 2013, our Entrepreneurial Summit gathers experienced entrepreneurs from all industries to share their stories.
  5. Entrepreneur Services Workshops & Webinars. OEN’s 12-14 annual workshops and four annual webinars offer practical business education for entrepreneurs.
  6. CEO Luncheon Roundtable. OEN’s quarterly CEO Roundtables offer private learning sessions for 12-13 CEOs of emerging businesses, moderated by an accomplished entrepreneurial CEO.

OEN is an organization that believes in connecting people. I can attribute so many of my connections back to my involvement with OEN. How impactful is that that my business today is about connecting people and I got connected 100% through OEN?

Dana Alexander, President, Alexander Connections

Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

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The OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards Event was a fun-filled night, complete with inspiring stories and entertaining MCs, plus great networking opportunities for new business owners such as myself! It was evident on many levels what a supportive community of visionaries and leaders OEN continues to gather, develop, grow, and nurture.  big cheers to everyone who contributed to the successful night. Sign me up for next year!

Allyson Strowbridge, Ctrl+SHIFT+Space

OEN’s Angel Oregon Showcase

Our showcase event highlights the state’s most exciting early-stage companies across all industries and counties, connecting over 300 investors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. The event also showcases finalists from our Angel Oregon Investor Program, including the winner of our investment award.

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OEN Entrepreneurial Summit

Launched in 2013, our Entrepreneurial Summit gathers experienced entrepreneurs from all industries and across the business spectrum into one place. Each has 10 minutes to tell their story.

Whether expanding opportunities for life-saving medical research, pioneering new energy-saving systems, or reinventing the perfect donut, our storytellers share an appetite for adventure, innovation, and problem-solving. Our Summit typically attracts a crowd of 150-200 entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers.

Summit Sponsors

OEN PubTalk™

OEN’s monthly PubTalk™ is our flagship networking event –– a perfect starting point for new members of our community and a great place for established members to make new connections.

OEN PubTalks™ are basically what the name implies –– an hour of networking and free pizza followed by a talk on a specified theme.

OEN PubTalks™ also feature at least one five-minute pitch from an up-and-coming entrepreneur, followed by a Q&A and feedback session. The objective is to leverage the strength and experience of the community, providing an invaluable learning opportunity for young entrepreneurs.

PubTalk Sponsors

OEN PubTalks are the premier ongoing event for entrepreneurs in the area, offering sponsors targeted networking opportunities that bring in new clients. As a law firm that provides strategic legal advice to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals, Ater Wynne has benefitted tremendously from getting our name in front of a group of people who are most likely to benefit from our services.

Brenda Meltebeke, Firm Chair and Partner, Ater Wynne LLP

Educational Sponsors

A successful entrepreneur never stops learning. OEN offers ongoing educational workshops, webinars, and sessions, whether they need nuts-and-bolts training from an expert, or advice from a mentor who has been down the same road.

Educational Sponsors

OEN Tradeshow

As many entrepreneurs will attest, they can’t do it on their own. Our annual tradeshow is designed to introduce entrepreneurs to our state’s vast network of entrepreneurial assistance organizations.

Tradeshow Sponsors

Social Media Sponsorship

An OEN Social Media Sponsorship provides prominent visibility for your brand during our flagship events. Social media is a vital component of OEN events, fostering dialogue between participants and offering a highlight reel for those unable to attend.

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