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Join us for OEN’s Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

Register for OEN's 2014 Tom Holce AwardsOn Wednesday, October 15, over 600 entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders will gather to celebrate our state’s best and brightest young companies and entrepreneurs.

Our Awards program honors the skill and courage that it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea. Named after Northwest entrepreneur and angel investor, Tom Holce, the Awards not only celebrate entrepreneurs, but highlight their importance to the region’s economy.

Join us for Oregon’s most popular entrepreneurial event! Get inspired by our our state’s most driven entrepreneurs while enjoying great company, a delicious dinner, and local wine that keeps on flowing. Take advantage of our early-bird rates and register now!

Make a Nomination

Each year, we honor companies and individuals or founding teams that deserve recognition as Oregon’s best and brightest. This year, with our inaugural Game Changer Award, we are also honoring a product or service that has the potential to transform its industry.

Company nominations are now closed, but we are still seeking nominations for our Entrepreneurial Achievement and Game Changer Awards. For an Entrepreneurial Achievement nomination, you may nominate yourself or your founding team, or you may make a nomination on a person or team’s behalf.

For a Game Changer nomination, if you would like to nominate a product or service that’s not your own, you will need to work with the company to fill out the nomination form.

Individual/team nominations are due Wednesday, August 13, 2014; product/service nominations are due Tuesday, August 26 2014.

Nominate A Product or ServiceNominate A Person or Team

Emma McIlroy, CEO, Wildfang“The Tom Holce Awards gave us a huge amount of local exposure and helped us build an amazing network of fellow entrepreneurs and seasoned advisers and investors. The awards were without doubt a highlight of our year.”

- Emma McIlroy, CEO, Wildfang
2013 Development Stage Category Winner

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals or founding teams are considered eligible for the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award if they found and/or operate a new for-profit enterprise or venture, assuming material risk and personal accountability for the venture’s survival. Individual nominees do not have to have been on the founding team, but do need to have assumed significant risk to their career and/or personal assets.

For-profit companies that fit into one of the following categories are eligible to be considered for our Company Awards:

Launch Stage: Companies in the Launch Stage category are the purest of start-ups. They may be in the process of setting up, developing and testing the products, processes, or services they intend to market or are currently marketing. Projected revenues for the current calendar year from sales of products or services are in the range of $0-0.5 million and the amount of invested capital in these companies is less than $5 million. [The Judging Committee will consider, on a case by case basis, companies with invested capital of $5 million or greater, but such companies must have a reasonable expectation of achieving revenues greater than $0.5 million within the next two years.]

Development Stage: Development Stage companies are in the early stages of fully launching their businesses on the market. They are in the process of establishing their production, marketing, sales, distribution and administrative functions and may be hiring employees or contractors to support their operations. These companies have recognized revenues at a minimum of $0.5 million in the previous calendar year. They also have projected revenues for the current year in the range of $0.5-$10 million and should either show a historical trend toward positive cash flow or have a credible plan to reach that objective in the near- to mid term. They may have any amount of invested capital.

Growth Stage: Growth Stage companies have a fully-marketable product or service, have earned a degree of market acceptance and have acquired a critical mass of customers. Their efforts are aimed not at remaining viable but at increasing market share, moving into new markets, adapting products or services to new uses and customers or increasing efficiency and cash flow. These companies have recognized revenues at a minimum of $10 million in the previous calendar year. They also have projected revenues for the current year in excess of $10 million and, if not profitable, are generating cash flow and are financially self-sustaining. They may have any amount of invested capital.

Awards Winners and Finalists 2013

2013 Lifetime Achievement Winner

Paul Gulick, a pioneer of Oregon’s electronic display industry

2013 Development Stage Category Winner and Finalists

Wildfang, Emma Mcilroy, CEO/CMO – Winner
brandlive, Fritz Brumder, Co-founder, CEO – Finalist
Cloudability, Mat Ellis, CEO and Founder – Finalist
Indow Windows, Sam Pardue, CEO – Finalist

2013 Working Capital Stage Category Winner and Finalists

Janrain, Larry Drebes, Founder – Winner
Embodee, Andre Wolper, CEO – Finalist
Puppet Labs, Luke Kanies, Founder and CEO – Finalist

2013 Growth Stage Category Winner and Finalists

Viewpoint Construction Software, Jay Haladay, CEO – Winner
Elemental Technologies, Sam Blackman, CEO and Co-founder – Finalist
The Clymb, Kelly Dachtler, President and Co-founder – Finalist

2013 Individual Achievement Award Winner and Finalists

Mat Ellis, CEO, Cloudability – Winner
Luke Kanies, CEO & Founder, Puppet Labs – Finalist
John Marick, CEO, Consumer Cellular – Finalist

2013 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

Brent Bullock – Perkins Coie
Shelley Gunton – Chez Marie

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Past Awards Winners and Finalists

Origins – The OEN Entrepreneurship Award

The award itself is a true work of art. They are designed by local world-renowned company Ziba Design, founded by Sohrab Vossoughi, in 1984. Ziba Design solves business problems with great design. Ziba designed the beautiful “O” shaped, hand-blown crystal award to symbolize Oregon and to represent the lifecycle of a company.

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