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Giving Back with OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation

Everything that we do at OEN incorporates a spirit of giving back––our extraordinary network of experts give their time, money, and expertise to help the next wave of entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Through our Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF) program, entrepreneurs dedicate equity interests that will fund their future philanthropic giving when the company becomes successful. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to run your business successfully to grow the bottom line and build a better, stronger community, join us!

Creating Philanthropy & Community Engagement

  • By participating in OEN’s EF program, companies grant equity interests today that will fund their future philanthropic giving when the company becomes successful. Setting aside equity in the early years is easy and shows community commitment to the public, the company team, prospective employees and partners.

“Elemental’s initial successes have been made in large part by the supportive Oregon community we are immersed in…..By providing an equity grant to OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation, we hope to provide a significant financial benefit to the organizations that will help breed the next generation of entrepreneurs.” – Sam Blackman, CEO, Elemental Technologies, Inc.

  • We can also assist with developing a community engagement plan that creates company and community rewards: Companies benefit from the loyalty, teamwork, and visibility created by their community involvement activities; the community benefits from the contributions of volunteer time, talent, and resources.

“Tripwire has a firm commitment to serving our local community and by partnering with OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation we have been able to donate thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of community service by Tripwire employees.” – Jim Johnson, CEO, Tripwire

Community Impact

  • To date, OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation participants have returned over $10 million to the Oregon/SW Washington community in dollars raised, volunteer hours served, and goods and services delivered benefitting 100+ nonprofit organizations.

To learn more, contact Anne van der Linden, Program Director, OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation – 503-222-2270 –

Partner with OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation and make a difference today!

Many thanks to  The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank  for its corporate support of OEN Entrepreneurs Foundation

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